Casual day out.

by - Saturday, August 01, 2015

Popped by the EXPO this afternoon to get some shit done. Had to travel all the way down on Uber because the EXPO is literally on the other side of Singapore from where I live and taking the MRT would take me 1 and a half hour to reach. No way can I stand sitting on the train not being able to eat or drink and just draining my battery life away trying to find something to do on my phone. So I had to spend yet another $27 on transport again, sigh.

Wanted to go straight home to do my blog post after the photo taking at EXPO, but it decided to rain, so Kimmy and I headed over to Changi Airport and rushed my blog post instead. Well, he rides... So the weather isn't too good for riding, we had no choice but to go to the nearest comfortable location to chill.

Can I say I absolutely hate going to the Singapore EXPO? It's time they build an expo at the west instead of more and more shopping malls!

Managed to finish the stuff at around 6PM-ish, so we went to take a quick walk around T3 while finding dinner!

"We're going on a trip, on my favourite rocket ship....."

"Zooming through the sky~~~~~~"

"Little Einstein~"

Bullshit, I couldn't even locate Singapore on the globe.... LOL.

After fooling around, we settled for Itacho Sushi. Wooohooo Itacho!! I've always been a fan because their sashimi is so dang fresh! Not as fresh as Sakuraya lah, but it is good enough!

Hehehe, my cutie.... Hehe.....

I swear, anything with mentai is good.

How can we not have these? x)

Kimmy got himself some tofuuuuu~

And they have these on 50% off! Not sure what was the occasion tho, can't really remember. But it's Scallop Mentai sushi and Scallop with Cod fish liver sushi! The scallop was SO SWEET! Nhmmmmmm.....

Would have ordered more if we didn't explode the bill. :P

Salmon with lobster salad...

Last but not least, my all-time favourite NEGITORO DON!!!!! This is like a must have ever since I tried it in Tokyo. Of course the Negitoro dons in Singapore is not as fresh as Tokyo's, but it helps satisfy my cravings before my next trip to Tsukiji in maybe next year, hahahaha.

Check this out anyway.


Everything about my Tokyo trip is good, except for the fact that the person who went with me was a scumbag. Wish I had just went ahead with my initial plans of bringing my parents, :(
Wasted a trip on someone unworthy, sigh.

Back to what I was saying!! The Negitoro Don was served last, which pretty much filled my tummy with extreme satisfaction, hehehehhehe. I was so filled with happiness I could barely move. But we had to go home lah, it was almost 10PM by the time we were done? Wahlau, Changi back to Jurong no joke man.

On our way back to our parking area, we happened to see this SG50 pop up booth at the departure hall of T3!

An entire area dedicated for well wishes to our Nation! Just approach the staff there, and they will hand you a small luggage tag where you can write down your well wishes for Singapore. Then you just have to hang it on the luggage area for display, like some kind of money tree y'know, hahahaha.

Everyone else hung their tags on the luggages available.... We more special, we hang it on Merlion's teeth. 8)

Afterwhich, we headed down to the basement and participated in the lucky draw. Something about spending over $30 for one chance I think. Can become millionaire leh! WHY NOT.


It was 10:15PM by the time we reached Kimmy's bike and left. Reached home at around 11PM? T_T ... I really love hanging out at Changi Airport, but it's soooooooo far from my place. Funny how I hate EXPO though.. Hahhahaha.

I can't wait to visit Changi Airport again! But I will be entering the departure hall on my next visit, HAHAHHAHAA. Fat hope, but I hope I can travel soon lah! Want to go back to Tokyo so badly, :(

Now that I have stable income, Japan soon. Soon? xP

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