by - Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Headed over to Tanjong Pagar to look for food this afternoon. Was supposed to have KBBQ for lunch, but we were so late, all the buffet ended already. :(

So we kept blindly walking and then chance upon this restaurant called, Dagiya.

Dagiya feels like some kind of old school Korean Street shop that sells lot of Korean snacks. Like you know, the Japanese Izakaya kind of thing! Where people will go to chill over a few glass of beer and fried chicken hahahaha.
But we didn't order fried chicken lah, we order something else!

They have AMAZING side dishes!!

I know of a lot of friends who dislike all these side dishes. They would always leave it there untouched because they feel that the flavor is too strong for their palatte. I guess most Singaporeans are like this? Most of my friends think I am weird because I like fried garlic and pickles hahahaha.

Obviously new to all these Korean food, we got Kimmy to order for us. Well, he's Korean.... Hahahahhahahaha XD

Budae Jjigae. The army stew or something? I have no idea. Kimmy had been telling me how his mom makes the best budae jjigae ever, but she is in Korea. Wahlau, I want to try so badly lor.

I have no idea what is this, but they have more onions than chicken....... It made me quite sad because the chicken is actually really nice........ :(

That plate of Jjajangmyun that made cringe with regrets.


SEE. I really wish I didn't order this. It tasted really nice at first, until I was so sick of the noodles(The noodles, not the sauce) because it was so fat. I was so close to choking on my next mouthful of JJM because I really didn't want to waste food, but thank goodness I stopped. XD
If you are planning to have jjigae(hot pot), don't ever order jjajangmyun or bibimbap.

/shakeshead Glutton Vivian.

We also order another Kimchi Jjigae, and Kimchijeon(Kimchi Pancake). The Kimchi jjigae was SO SPICY, I didn't even finish my small bowl of it, ._. To add on, the JJM made me so full, T_T ... I wish I had more Budae Jjigae tho, hahahaha.

And the Kimchi Pancake was so good?! Maybe because it was my first time trying some authentic Korean cuisine and not those Kopitiam kind, hahahaha. But Kimmy told me it was actually not bad already. Of course, there are better Korean restaurants out there. Can't wait for him to bring me to other Korean restaurants and try some authentic Korean food. Hehehehe, #SOMUCHLOVE.

Okay, /fatfaceselfie.

omg /punchthatfatface

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