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by - Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Wahlau... Took me quite a bit of determination to do this okay. I actually kept my fringe on for a year because I wanted to stop looking like a kid. And long fringe makes me look like my age and it looks sexier, (HAHAHA). So I actually kept my fringe for a year, to have it growing sooooooooooo slowly, from a bangs to somewhere about 1cm below my chin. Yup, it was THAT slow.

So it took me quite a bit of contemplation whether I should have it cut or not... And I've decided, like why not since hair would grow back anyway. It's just gonna take me a while, hahahahaha xD

Popped by my hair doctor last week and have my fringe fixed.

As usual, I had that short moment of regret after cutting but it didn't last long because I can finally have small face again with bangs!

Zomfgzxc, /punchthatfatface.

But Linus did a great job! I've finally fixed the part where the previous stylist ruined!! (My previous stylist actually pulled hair from the back section to the front and act as my fringe because my forehead is really small, and my hair isn't thick enough. So he just took a big chunk from the back to replace the front, causing my entire head to look really flat, with a really thick bobbed bangs last time, lol.)

See!! Much smaller right?!

And I had this few strands of highlights at the side of my fringe, that got bleached 4 times. 4 freaking times, wtheck. They were all broken midway, causing a huge uneven chunk on my fringe. Which is also why I chose to have them chopped off once and for all, and got them all balanced out.

Never mind lah, can always grow again hahahahhaa.

All done!

With just a bit of styling.......

No hair spray, no hair straightener, no tongs. Just a hair dryer and a comb! Dayum, wish I have their magic hands, but I think I will be too lazy to blow dry everyday before I head out lah, hahaha. I don't even have the patience to condition my hair everyday already! Sometimes I will get so lazy I only shampoo and that's it, LOL. Which explains why my hair is so damaged. Bleh.

I can't wait for next hair treatment session!!! 8DDDDDD


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