by - Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's been a while, people! I have so much on hand I barely even have time for myself. It seems like I am constantly saying this... Why the hell? Anyway. School just reopened, and I am trying really hard to adjust to the new lifestyle after slacking for a good long 3 and a half months. Not like I actually slacked to be honest. Because I've been working my ass off for that 3 whole months as well, hahahaha. Ugh, wish I have more time on hand to spend for myself.

Anyway... I've lately ordered a ton of stuff off Qoo10 because I don't have the time to go shopping. Did I mention that I really love to shop online?! I love the feeling of receiving parcels because it feels like receiving presents. Except that you have to pay for it, HAHAHA. #sadlifevivian #nobodysendsmegifts #indenial

Apart from Qoo10, I also discovered this new and coming site called BEAUTIFUL.ME. A members-only online shopping portal that has over 300 beauty brands for you to shop at. Not only are the prices affordable, you can also use Smart Rewards Points that you'd earn from your purchases to redeem for free samples, product trials and gifts.

They also have Exclusive Flash Sales, Group Buys and Daily Deals allowing members to choose how they want to save their money while shopping. Their Smart Shopping Cart also helps shoppers to track how much they are saving as they shop, while offering various delivery and packing options that comes with bonus rebates – which means you save even more.

And you can earn even more cash rebates by just sharing your purchases on social medias, write a review or refer a friend to join you on! I mean, it's no loss now since has just kicked off their Pre-Launch Angel Members Program. You get to sign up for free from now till the 25th of August, and enjoy 6-months of free membership. By referring friends to join, you'll get to earn more rewards depending on how many friends you refer too.

Refer 5 friends: 1 Full Year of Free membership, as well as access to beta-site.
Refer 10 friends: Be rewarded with a share of up to $800,000 in cash rebates, or 5% of what your referrals purchase in the next 12 months!
Yes, cash! No kidding!
Top 10 referrals: Up to $15,000 individual bonus rebates.
Top referral(Ranked 1): Up to $50,000 individual bonus rebates.

Earning extra pocket money couldn't be any easier, hahahaha. Simply sign up, get your unique link, and then get your friends and family to sign up. Once they do, they become your referral and takes care of the rest.

You can keep track of your referral ranking and rewards in their Rewards Portal, and enjoy some pre-launch madness. It's quite fun to be honest, hahaha.

I've already signed-up and gotten a couple of referrals. Just share your unique link with your friends and family, and follow the instructions! Really easy, takes you less than 3 minutes. Refer away guys, see you at

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