ViewQwest Couch Potato Week 8: Gamers' Needs

by - Sunday, April 26, 2015

Alright, let's imagine this....

You are just a few more shots to winning, walking out of that door, all ready to shoot at your opponent. You took aims, and got your fingers ready to spam den' clicks...... AND WOOOO. YOU KILLED THAT LAST DUDE, when suddenly, you drop dead.

Because the internet lagged and you were 3 seconds behind LIVE server time. Your opponent killed you within that 3 seconds, /flipstable.

I honestly can't think of anything worse than this, other than getting disconnected over and over again just because your internet is just not cut out for gaming. You see, you were just on your way to winning that round, when your internet decided to be a bxxxx. Feels like we are back to those days when we run on dial-up modems with speed of 40 kbit/s, good lord......

The thing is, you can't have a crappy internet if you are gonna game online.

The online host connects everyone together in one server, and your internet is what determines how you fast you link yourself into that server. The speed transfer has to be stable and fast for a smooth gaming experience, and also to prevent disconnection or lagging from LIVE time.


To be very honest with you, the only solution I can offer is, find a proper ISP that gives you less latency! Right now in Singapore, the fastest available fibernet is 2Gbps(ViewQwest had recently launched their 2Gbps FiberNet!).

BUT that is just the bandwidth. Less latency means less delay in sending information to and fro. Bandwidth is the maximum/minimum speed you can send it at. Stability of the connection is key!

Imagine playing CounterStrike with less latency(delay) than your opponents? You get to kill them before they even realize you are there, HAHAHAHHAA. OKOK, I SHALL NOT BE MEAN.

Anyway! I am using the 1Gbps fibernet from ViewQwest right now, and it made my gaming experience so much smoother as compared to before! Now I get to kill people before they realize I am there, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, IM SO SORRY I JUST HAVE TO. XD

Honestly, I was pretty skeptical about the promise that ViewQwest made about having low latency.

When I was still Mapling(DON’T JUDGE), I had so much trouble going through Horntail runs because of lag outs. Maple works in a way, where you can’t hold too many people in the same map unless you are able to load the amount of data each character inside in generating. So if you have unstable connection, you would usually lag out and get kick out of the game.

And in a Horntail(Boss) run, you’ll have at least 25 people with you. That’s back in those days when I was still playing lah, now you can solo HT man, HAHAHA.
It gets extremely laggy when people start spamming their skills and all, and then you will see this on loop.

The most horrible part is how I get disconneted every time the boss dies. Because my network reached it’s limit in loading data and I couldn’t receive the drops. @#$!%$#^@

However, a friend came over the other day to have a run of Counter Strike at my place the other day. Like FUUUUYOOOOH. He is the one ambushing before the opponents even realize he is there, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. No more freezing at framed when everyone starts shooting, no more sudden deaths because of a laggot (lag faggot, LOL). He stopped being a burden, XD

See! This is what happens when he plays at his place.

You know what to do bruh. It’s time….. xP
Be the one to ambush people, fellas. Join me, we shall conquerrrr togetherrrrrr!!!


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