Meet my homies.

by - Saturday, April 25, 2015

Just a quick photo update.

I've been spending almost the entire March in school everyday with my buddies, trying to rush for our assignments. School has never been fun for me until I started hanging out with this bunch. It has always been Chili and Sylvest, me and Tiff. But because me and Chili are in the same team for a group project, we hang out quite a bit to help each other with work. Well, most of the time I am the one getting help la. Hahahaha

And then I would drag Tiff along, Chili drags Sylvest along. And somehow, 4 of us always ends up together chillin' in class, getting high. Yep, we buy booze to class. Hahahaha

Anyway, just a few shots from last month. I haven't been taking much photos until I turned my hair pink LOL. I can't resist la ok, it's too chio 8D

2 more weeks to go and good bye eye bags! Hehehe I can finally get my rest. (:
Alright, thank you for popping by! Update again soon!

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