Mo-view: Helios

by - Saturday, May 02, 2015

The long awaited Hongkong-Korea crime thriller film is finally released!!!!!!

Special thanks to Clover Films once again for the tickets! This time, I caught the movie with Kimmy, Crane and Sylvest! Love it whenever I go on movie dates, hahahaha.

To be honest, I was extremely excited when I saw the movie trailer a month before the official release. I then showed Sylvest the movie trailer and he was like, "OMFG THAT'S MY FAVOURITE GENRE." So yeap, knew I have to reserve a pair of tickets for myself, LOL. #kiasuviv.

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I am actually quite disappointed after watching the movie. I'll rate it at about...... 5/10? The movie was produced by 2 different directors which I feel is quite a bit of a challenge because both the director have extremely different style in what they want for the movie... But okay lah, need to give some credits to the stunts too......

Reason being, the movie has really good storyline which I actually think is worth the watch, but....... I think the VFX was quite bad. Wahlau, I was so looking forward to the special effects one because HK films always have kickass fight scenes.... ): If you are not someone who is super anal about VFX, then I guess this movie will interest you. They have pretty good fight and car stunts, and erm......... *Spoiler alert* I hate to break it to you but Siwon died, again. Idk why he always dies in movie. Someone needs to give him a chance to push through the movie man. ):

That aside, there is the super gorgeous Janice Man. NO SHIT SHE'S DROP DEAD GORGEOUS IN THE MOVIE, SWEAR.

Like you have no idea.... She is freaking badass in this movie. Her gaze, her body, the way she portrayed the character.... Dayum. 1 word, hot. She has this ability to hook your gaze onto her regardless whatever she does in the movie! That I have to say, she is a really good actress.

Janice Man aside, the movie's storyline has a really nice flow. It gets pretty draggy at some point but the overall storyline wasn't really too bad. The way the movie was filmed, cut and edited was undoubtedly well done. It has this insane unexpected twist at later part of the movie, and seriously. I didn't see it coming.

Ending was bad though. It was too much of a cliffhanger to be believable. I can't tell whether the movie is gonna continue, or is it just half-done. If only there were after credits to show us if there is gonna be a sequel... But looking at how it ended, I guess we could expect Helios 2 some time next year? Hehehe.

Well, Janice Man survived in Helios. Guess we are gonna see more of her soon, hehehehhee.

Out since 30 April 2015! Catch Helios at your nearby cinemas now!

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