The Theory of Everything

by - Thursday, January 08, 2015

Starting this post off with a movie screenie thats well saturated to show the 1960s.

I had a 4 hours break today, so me and Ryan went to catch the long awaited film of the year, The Theory of Everything.

If a critic has to be given about this film, it would be the fact that there is no flaws.

It was so heart warming and intriguing there is hardly any space to say I don't want to watch this this or this part of the film.

To be extremely honest. Before watching this, I had totally no idea who Stephen Hawking exactly was apart from being that robotic millennium genius who wrote a whole lot of thesis about Time.

I had no idea how his illness came about and how it affected him. Most importantly, I had no clue what kind of lovey dovey relationship he has. I mean, why would anyone prow about someone's relationship in the first place?

One thing I have to salute on is how spectacular Eddie Redmayne's acting was. If this wasn't his big break, idk what is.

The way he portrayed Stephen Hawking was so accurate, it felt like it was Hawking himself. Me and Ryan were thinking the real Hawking might even do a cameo, but nope, he didn't appear.

Acting like a patient diagnosed with Lou gehrig's disease(ALS) is not easy. You'll have to work every muscle and bones to look convincing, and truth be told, Eddie Redmayne did a splendid job.

Watching the movie may touch hearts. But what we don't know is how exactly scary ALS is. It will start with slowing down in movements, slowly attacking the nerves and muscles, and ultimately paralyze the body. In severe cases, it will even lead to problems speaking, swallowing and even breathing.

For someone with such big brain, this disease is undoubtedly the worst news for Steph Hawks.

And then we have Felicity Jones as Jane Hawking.... the unfaithful but dedicated wife of Stephen Hawking. They painted such a nice picture of their relationship, to be honest I felt genuine hate for Jane. Why would she leave her genius husband with ALS and fall in love with a stupid choirmaster? No matter how I look at it, it is just wrong.

Then I got curious and went to did a quick search.....

Well. Stephen Hawking is a misogynist, a narcissist.

He is a genius, he is a mad physicist. He is the fella who found the theory of black hole and time, he is a husband, he is also a father, and a friend.

The movie portray Stephen Hawking as a guy who lost both his body and his wife. Because of the fact that his disease is a burden to Jane, and Jane is too tired from taking care of him.

Jane's mom then at one point persuaded her to pursue her passion which then led to bringing the wolf straight back to the den. Wrong decision there.. so wrong.

You know, I honestly thought it was extremely sweet that Jane actually stood by Stephen despite knowing he has only 2 years to live. She was his pillar of strength and no doubt the one who brought him to where he is now. Without Jane, Steph might not even survive through that 2 years.

Then came the most selfish sentence in the entire movie.

"How long?"

Jane, "They said we only had 2 years. But it became much more." (Something like that....)

What? Did you actually hope he dies after 2 years? Did you only marry him because he has 2 years? I really don't know what to feel, when she said that. Steve requested to leave, yes... but you could have held him back!! You guys been through so much after all.

But you went straight to Jonathan instead, and sealed that affair with a kiss. Good lord, I don't even know how should I react to that anymore. Then again, the timeline in the film feels a little messed up.

Storyline aside. Since it is an adaption of Jane Hawking's book, Music to Move the stars, life with Stephen Hawking, the film didn't tell the full story. They skipped the dark side of their marriage, which pretty much made Jane seemed like a cheating bitch. According to interviews, Jane mentioned Stephen Hawking is basically a self-centered and unappreciative idiot who treated her like a slave and she is extremely tired of the fact Stephen didn't want to hire care takers to lighten her load.

As much as the life story goes, without great visuals, it'll probably end up a shitty film. Kudos to the actors who I really really look up to now after watching the film, and the most important figure of the entire film, the director. I love the fact he dares to attempt weird angles and edits to portray the sense of "time". Especially how he fast forward the timeline using short footages and images, there isn't any hint of holding back or being afraid it might look weird in the film.

Which is why I feel, flaw is the biggest perfection for this film. It is good not because it is well portrayed. But because of the daring attempts to create flaws made the film perfect. The scenes were well composed, the metaphors used were too appropriate. Adding on the actors' superb acting skills.... This film is more than what everyone had expected.

Stephen Hawking's witty sense of humor wasn't forgotten, intimate scenes were heart wrenching more than erotic.

They were sweet, really sweet.

Jane may come across as impatient and at times undignified... but i guess she really did loved him at one point? Whatever it is, it is never right to have an affair right under your husband's nose. God she even brought him home as a care-taker.. I know Stephen agreed to it...... But honestly, how could she?!! what was she thinking????

Anyway. It was a film worthwhile. As much as I detest the fact Jane was an unfaithful wife, Stephen Hawking's story is pretty inspiring. His undying will to live and pursue his dreams is something uncommonly seen these days.

3 cheers to the geek-iest love story of 2015, and Eddie Redmayne, the best actor of the year.

I somehow wish to watch the movie again. Hahahaha.

Look. Such sweet childhood sweethearts, really.

How I'd wish they turned out happily ever after. :(

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