Our First Anniversary

by - Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Time really flies. It seemed like yesterday when Ryan first asked me out for dinner at one of his favourite eating place somewhere in Dover area. To be honest, I've never thought we would last this long. Having backstabbed really badly by my previous boyfriend, who is also his used to be good friend, I thought I've lost all available faith for a proper relationship.. And all I wanted to do from then on is concentrate on my studies, and try my best to pass my years. I guess I will never get over it. I tried so hard to build my dreams, to end up having it all torn down by the person I once held dear. 2 wasted years on nothing but going downhill.

Then I met Ryan, who didn't bothered much about all the tales that were flying around, and accepted all the fabricated truth about me. It is amazing how people could actually believe things that sounds pretty much out of the world. But I guess some people just chose to be a follower than to be someone who thinks with their own mindset. Like how the saying goes, "Common sense is apparently not common."

Truth be told, me and Ryan were on a really rocky period for the entire month before our anniversary. You know the usual clashing of ideologies about how a relationship should be like, and the way we were brought up. It is tough to accommodate both our mindsets because we are both extremely stubborn and head strong. But I am glad we talked things out the day before the anniversary, and we celebrated it for better coming days.

Ryan had actually booked a reservation at Otto before I canceled on him because I didn't felt like celebrating since we didn't talk for days.... After sorting things out, we went ahead to try our luck at Otto Locanda (Located along Maxwell Road) instead, hoping that there's seats. To our surprise, we were one of the few first dinner crowd for that day! You could say we are the second pair that walked into the restaurant that evening, hahahaha.

Took a quick look through the menu and settled with 1 antipasti and 2 main course. We had the honour to be the first to try out their new dish before it went onto the menu as recommended by Kylee, the staff of the restaurant.

My favourite, Eggplant Parmigiana! I would always order this whenever I see it on the menu! And this is by far the best Eggplant Parmigiana I've ever, ever tasted! It is soooooo cheesy and smooth, it's superb. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it, omg.

Here we have the looks-too-good-to-resist, Cannelloni ai Gamberoni. Didn't manage to take a photo because I dig in before I remember to take one, hahahahaa. Here's a self plated one! Looks not too bad right?

What attracted me to order this was the chickpeas!! I love chickpeas!!!! The description wrote: "Tiger Prawns and Rocket Salad Leaves Oven Baked Cannelloni with Chickpeas Puree" ....... There's Tiger Prawns too, how can I resist!?!?

Anyway, a Cannelloni is like a pasta wrap. You have your meat and stuff inside, but wrapped around with something like the lasagna pasta! The chickpea puree was plain awesomeeee. If it wasn't too unglam to lick the plate, I would do it. Hehehehhee

Costolette di Agnello, Char grilled rack of lamb! Not sure the exact name for this because this is new on the menu! The one that the staff got us to try.

Some people dislike lamb because the meat can get really tough if it is not handled properly, and has this stinky lamb smell. But this plate of rack is soooooooo smooth and tender, I could eat this everyday!
If being bankrupt isn't a problem living in Singapore.... :x

The lamb also comes with cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves salad too! Ryan was too full to gobble them up, so I finished all the cherry tomatoes, 8D

Afterwhich, we ordered some dessert! To be honest, we were actually too full for dessert already... But I happen to see the word NUTELLA on the menu before we placed our order, so I couldn't resist, again.... hahahahahaha. So we got ourselves a Nutella Crepe with Banana Ice Cream. And super nice Kylee offered us to try the Chocolate Panna Cotta, so we were contemplating between both, and ended up with the Nutella Crepe..... Afterwhich Kylee came out with a complimentary Chocolate Panna Cotta for us to try!!!! As quoted from Kylee, "So you get the best of both world." How can I not love this restaurant?

See that slice of crepe over there? Saw that? Saw that? The moment you cut it open, the NUTELLA OOZES OUT like ermahgawd. This is literally Nutella overload. Superrrrr overload! It is sooooo goooddddddd.... I mean, it's Nutella!??!?!?! Need I say more? 8DDDDD

And tadah! Here's the Chocolate Panna Cotta! Look at that........ That smooth texture.... And thick thick chocolate.... Initially I didn't really think much of it. But after taking the first mouth, I was addicted. If I didn't stuff myself, I would have gobbled this entire thing up!! But I ate too much Nutella crepe..... So Ryan finished this, T.T

The Panna Cotta is soooooooo thick and smooth, and it doesn't leave any weird after taste on your tongue at all! It simply melts in your mouth and gets you ready for the next after it is entirely gone! How can chocolate ever taste soooooo good???????

Anyway. Things were better from that day on because me and Ryan talked things out. I'm glad we did because I actually push the date away... Had I really ignored him for the rest of the day, we will probably not be together anymore. And Ryan always knows.... Food makes me happy. Especially delicious food in a soothing environment where we can enjoy without any disturbance.

It is nice to know that I can still wake up to a sweet morning text everyday. Relationships get extremely tough these days. Commitment and time no longer co-exist due to the hectic lifestyle most Singaporeans have. It is hard for us to spend time with each other due to our personal commitment as well.... But we are not giving up, because there are too much to let go.

Thank you for staying by me. Cheers for better days ahead, love. Happy 1st Anniversary.

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