2015: Happy New Year.

by - Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy 2015 guys.

First post of the year!! I'm not gonna say much. My brain haven't been functioning ever since I got news of school reopening on the 5th and that they have changed to the Tap-your-ez-link-card-on-the-door-censor-for-attendance system. Can you imagine how sian I feel? I am never on time, and I can NEVER wake up for 10AM classes.

Why. Because god-damned SBS wouldn't increase the frequency of buses that leads to my school, and I have to wait up to 45 minutes sometimes just for ONE bus. IT'S RIDICULOUS. Not forgetting the travel time is 1 hour ~ 1 hour & half, depending on traffic. Oh trust me, Upper Bukit Timah Road always has weird jams for no apparent reasons.

That would mean I will have to wake up 3 hours earlier just so I won't be late. 3 hours earlier, that would be 7-fucking-am. What if lesson ends at 8pm the day before and I only reach home at 11pm? (Walk to restaurant for dinner, dinner, then wait for bus, bus home.) Takes me equally 3 hours to get home, wtf. And then I shower and get ready for bed, it'd be 12mn/1am by then. Wts, 6 hours of sleep and you expect students to be productive? Oh hell no.

For the sake of getting more sleep, I don't even dress up for school anymore. I some times wear pyjamas to school and bring my small pillow. (Ah shit, there goes my image.)

Anyway. Things are just gonna get tougher as we grow older. We will only have more and more things to worry about, and some times things would get so bad, it'd crush our minds. It is impossible for me to be on time as long as there are morning classes. I will be expecting a shit load of warning letters, and regular visits to the doctor for 2015. And most probably a short staycation at NUH because I over-exert myself, again. Yes, I over-exerted myself last year(2014) because of that crazy lifestyle of having to wake up too early and sleep too late.

I am never a morning person. But we only have 1 chance to live. Life would only start after you realize you actually have one. I will work hard to find the life I currently live, and live the best out of it. High chance it would not happen in 2015, school is no life.

Now, now......

Happy New Year everyone, :)

Some throwbacks to end this WOT.

Mental note to self: Do not kisiao and cut my hair ever, ever, ever, ever, again.

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