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by - Friday, December 26, 2014

Oh hey!

Happy Boxing Day!

Quite unbelievable, but I managed to survive the long day today. I had planned to sleep early last night so that I wouldn't feel so tired today, but I didn't managed to and ended up sleeping at somewhere close to 6:00AM. Like wtf, I had to report for work at 11:45AM. Now I'm close to half-dead, dying to sleep but insomnia is being a bitch.

So I woke up at 10AM today, and guess what. I was actually on time for work. For once, I am freaking on time! But guess what again.

Boss/supervisor/manager(Whichever he is, I have no idea) was late because of "Post Christmas blues", really? He ended up arriving at i-honestly-have-no-idea-what-time. Me and the other two girls had started off on our own at 12:45PM without briefing. (I freaking waited for 1 hour. Can you believe dem patience?) Oh well, boss agreed he would pay from 12PM anyway.

Anyway, not like it is a really important or super interesting job. We had to do some weird promo for the earlier Mona Lisa thing, so we went around Orchard distributing flyers, at the same time acting like siaozabor asking people to take photo with a pretty bad cosplay of Mona Lisa.

1 hour into distributing, it started to rain. Oh how awesome right? We didn't have to step out onto the streets to do anything anymore. Because it rained all the way until we knocked off. Pretty much easy cash, but we still did our job lah. And got chased out by a couple of security guards, whatever.

Finished up with our job, and headed back to the office(It is actually an art gallery) totally drenched. Finally met that fella who has post christmas blues, his first reaction: "Wa is this(The boards used for promoting) your umbrella?" Dafuq, the girls were drenched, and all he cared about was his horribly designed boards. #Okcan Whatever, again.

Headed off to change out of the yet again extremely ugly T-shirt used for our job, and saw my bag on the floor when I came out of the toilet. My colleague told me, "Oh Post-Christmas-Blues said that is an art piece, not a table. Cannot put our stuff on the table, so he put your bag on the floor."

Like hello?!?!?! You had chairs surrounding that damned marble structure which resembles too damned much like a table(Not forgetting the amount of mug stains you have on it), and you tell me that is a bloody art piece? And there are chairs around, but you placed my bag ON THE FLOOR?!?!?!??!! Really?!

I was obviously pissed off, so I said "What the fuck." Next thing I know, he's right next to me and he said, "You know that is an art piece. Your pay will not be able to afford it if you scratch it, you know." *Smiling with sarcasm*

You fucking manslut.

So are you gonna pay for the stains that's already on the "table"? Will you compensate the artist if he ever ask for compensation? Will you be the one responsible since you are maybe the one running that gallery? And your salary is enough to afford that art piece? Wow, amazing.

Okay whatever, that's not the point. I decided not to argue since they haven't pay me. So I gave my usual super-jibai-face, rolled my eyes and ask what are we waiting for, off I go, back home.

Maybe because I was extremely hungry. You know hunger can make you really really angry? I got home at 6:45PM-ish, and chill for a bit, charge my phone while I get prepared for my night classes.


I finally got down to taking my driving license! Not because I want to, of course. Mom forced me to take it, and it's freaking annoying. I had to attend so many stupid theory lessons which didn't exist 4 years back. I should have just be a good girl and complete it when I turned 18 right? Pffts.

Even the theory book I had was so old, the instructor said I needed to get a new one. How have time changed.....

How exactly freaking old is 8th edition???? Hahahahhaa

So I attended 4 hours of final theory lesson just now, and finally got home at 11PM. A freaking long day out, and I didn't eat. I don't know to feel happy that I had one extremely productive day in a really long time, or feel sad because it was so productive, I didn't even have much time in between for my lunch/dinner. Now it's time for supper. So what am I supposed to do? Go feed on 24h flour again?! I finished my last pack of maggs mee goreng last week,

But I really, really don't want prata........

Never mind, I'll figure a way out later I guess. I always do. x'D
Sleep-in Saturday tomorrow! Gonna clean the pets. Garfield better not be a bitch/pussy

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