Media Invite: The Entertainer Party Launch 2015

by - Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I was invite to this application's launch party last week, and I was there so late, people started leaving the moment I arrived, :'(
Which explains the lack of photo, but it's okay.

Anyway! I had no idea what The Entertainer was until that day. (Hahahahaha I'm quite the mountain tortoise)
The Entertainer is actually an application that introduces a lot of different 1-for-1 offers in Singapore! Which means you can save 50% off your stuff at the few designated stores The Entertaniner has!

Quite sian because I was told there were Marble Slab ice cream and some finger food.... But then I didn't get to try any of it except that I get to paint my nails blue, hahahahhaa. #lifeofastudent #notimeforevents #lateeverytime

Okay la, at least I get my nails.

To be very honest, I don't have much clue what was going that day since I arrived so freaking late. But I received a press release, so these are the few reasons why The Entertainer is the app you should get, being a Singaporean. XD

Lots of good deals!

The Entertainer Singapore offers over 1,000 one-for-one deals at the hottest restaurants, spas, leisure, beauty, fitness centres and international renowned hotels. The Entertainer is available in either a book or a mobile app, with three vouchers per merchant, you can expect savings totaling over SG$100,000!! And the application will constant update the latest offer in town!

Enjoy the finer things in life.

Expect buy one get one free offers at popular joints like Bacchanalia, Senso, Brewerkz, Hard Rock Café, Fat Cow, Coca and Ben & Jerry’s!

You can also enjoy spa deals at Aramsa Spa and Spa Rael, get fit with True Fitness or even book a getaway with hotel deals from Banyan Tree, InterContinental and Marriott in destinations like Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai and Cape Town! Which means, 2 nights at the price of 1! Good deal isn't it?!

Flexible and user-friendly!!

You can go back to all the participating restaurants, spas and activities up to 3 times and enjoy buy one get one free offers each time. Or you can use all three offers at once for a party of six or more(Excluding hotel offers). Plus, it requires no advance notice or pre-booking, omg this is the best part. I hate how gropon always make me pre-book my visits. I hate booking appointments, ugh.

Wide variety to chose from!

You can look to the Entertainer Singapore for inspiration on where to eat, drink and relax. The app’s search function lets you search its huge database via GPS, cuisine, shopping mall or hotel offer..... making it easier for you to make use of more deals near you!

Buy now, save more!

The Entertainer Singapore app retails at SG$75! It is available for purchase on the website ( or via your App Store.

Until end Feb, users of the promo code 2015ALVIN can enjoy a further 10% discount on top of the early bird price, which is S$60. As the offers expire on Dec 31, users would stand to benefit more if they were to start using the offers earlier in the year!

I have yet to try the application myself, but I am no doubt stoked because I am super aunty and I am jobless, HAHAHA. Got offer meansssssss good stuff!! But I lost the voucher that was given to me during the launch, :'( Not sure if I can still download the application for free. But you guys should try it out and save more during dates! 8D

Save more = spend on better stuff. (Y)
Thank you so much The Entertainer for having me, and Rachel for the press release. Tbh, I was there too short a period I really have no clue what was going on. But thank you for following-up regardless!

Till next time fellas.

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