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by - Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just a casual photo update today. I've been busy for the past one week and will be busy for the rest of this week until next week! Pretty hectic because jobs and assignments are piling up one after another, but it's somehow good because I know my wallet is gonna be well fed by the end of this month, XDDDDD

Anyway, I had a really cool job last weekend with a bunch of super cool mutants!! It was my first time cosplaying, and the outfit was provided by the company. It's really tiring to be walking about the mall in heels, but it was super fun!! And really cool to be working with Movie Mania!!

This is basically what we do, hahahaha. Eyes closed, but thats the only shot I have, T_T

Met up with baebae after work at Salted Caramel to grab some ice cream home!! Selfies while waiting, LOL. #Justbeingacamwhore

I'll be working for CASIO again at the end of this week for the upcoming IT Show at Suntec! Can't wait to see the girls, and the uniform this time is blackkkkk, omg. Hehehehehehe. I am super eggcited for my wallet, LOL!

OH. And I had a short filming with NOC last week for their #hougangdrift. Just a short cameo because I am short and unsexy. Wahlao, I cannot pull off the race queen look lah, tbh hahaha. You probably won't be able to spot me, because it is a really really short scene. But thank you Ryan sooooo much for including me, XD Watch it, because the video is really really good. Serious.

To end off the post.... I'mma do yet another annoying promo for Blackbox's #TheGreatAdventure contest. Because THERE'S ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT. I am honestly THIS CLOSE to winning a trip to Japan, hahahaha!
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Thank you so much y'all. *Here's a virtual hug.

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