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by - Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A lot of you had been asking me how did I revamp my iPhone lock screen from this........

To this......

I will have to apologise to all of you first because I am sure once I reveal how I did it, you guys will be utterly disappointed....... Just like how disappointed I was when I found out the secret to this iPhone lock screen revamp, :(

So brace yourself people!!

A few days ago, I saw someone posting a photo of their "revamped iPhone lock screen" up, so I got curious, and went to google how to do it. And there I was, facing the moment of truth.

No jailbreak, no hacking of phone,

no editing of codes or software.

Just editing of photo. LOL.

Yep, the lock screen doesn't exist. It's just an image! So you must be wondering how do I even get that image in the first place right? I know it's sad to know that the lock screen doesn't exist at all, but it's okay. We can always have a beautiful preview of it, HAHAHA.

So here's how you do it. :3

1. Take a screenshot of your lock screen.

2. Download the application that did the magic.

Head over to your App Store and download this application called, "PicsArt Photo Studio".

Launch the app, and you will see this!

Tap "Edit" and select the screenshot of your lock screen from your Photos.
It will then show you this!!

Scroll the menu at the bottom and look for "Add photos".

Select the image of your choice and tap the "Star" on the top to crop your photo.

After cropping, set your outer border to "0". So that you won't see a white border overlapping the original border of your buttons.

Zoom in to the photo and adjust it into the button of your choice. I am quite a perfectionist ah. So I have to zoom in all the way to make sure it's in place LOL.
After that chose the type of "Opacity" you want! I'm using default "Screen" for the opacity.

Once you're done, just tap the "tick" at the bottom right, and you're done..... with 1 out of the 10 buttons. :X

Just repeat the steps until you fill up all the buttons!

And... TADAH! You're done! But very plain right? That's because I have a default background, hahaha. So my lock screen looks just..... meh. I wiped my phone recently because I don't have enough memory, :(
But it's okay, you can always mask some effects over. XD

Tap "Mask" and it will bring you to this page!

Over here they let you chose the type of effects you want. Lights, bokeh, border, texture, artistic..... Just chose the one you like, and then adjust the level and hue! You can also flip the effect mask however you like, XD

And here's my final product!

Looks super cool like the real thing right..... LOL. I'm sorry it's not the real deal though, :X It's pretty cool as a wallpaper anyway lah, hahahaha. You can also do a lot of other stuff with this app, like creating really nice filters for your photos, and add really chio overlays!!

You can even doodle, add text, add lens flare, change the frames and yadah yadah!
Alright now that you've known the truth, don't kill me. LOL. Leave me a comment if you have any questions! Hope you have fun with this, XD


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