Peranakan Feast @ East Buffet Restaurant

by - Saturday, May 17, 2014

I was invited to a food tasting session to try out a series of Peranakan cuisine at Grand Mecure Singapore Roxy's Feast @ East Buffet Restaurant the other day!! It was quite a fresh experience for me because I've never actually tried authentic Nyonya food before.

Grand Mecure Singapore Roxy can be easily accessed because it is located right along East Coast Road. The part where Parkway Parade is located! Actually I am not too sure, because I don't really visit that area much, :XXXXX

50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square
Singapore 43769
TEL: (65) 6344 8000
FAX: (65) 6344 8010

From now to 25 May 2014, Feast@East Buffet Restaurant will be serving authentic Peranakan cuisine in celebration of the Peranakan Food Festival! If you are a Peranakan food fan, you'll be in for a treat because they have the all time favourite specialties that includes, Sambal Timun, Spicy Shredded Chicken Salad, Sambal Kacang Botol, Laksa, Mee Siam and many many more!!

Not forgetting hot varieties like Ayam Buah Keluak, Assam Pedas Tengiri, Babi Ponteh, Beef Rendang, Nyonya Chap Chye, Sambal Kang Kong, Sotong Goreng Sambal and I swear I honestly cannot list every thing here because there are simply way too many, hahahahaha! My pictures will do the talking, :3

Here they have all the different salads and appetisers to kick start your palate!

Whole row of Peranakan food!!

My favourite Black Pepper Beef!!!!! I totally spammed this, hehehehehheheehhee. 8D

And this weird looking nuts and prawns. I have no idea what nuts are those, but the prawns is real good. In fact, too good!!
Really love the spice in it and that green nut thingy is super crunchy, really nice to chew hahahha. No weird taste though, x)

I swear the Lor Mee is freaking good. I had 2 servings and kind of over ate, so I ended up didn't get to try much of the other dishes, :(

They still do serve your usual seafood and sashimi too!


Unlike all the laksa you eat outside, Feast@East actually has their own special Katong laksa! It is super fragrant and has this really special thick spicy herby(I added a lot of laksa leaf) taste to it, but it isn't thick because of the coconut milk! You know how some laksa adds so much coconut milk it makes you super bloated, and has this ultra thick milky taste? At Feast@East, their laksa has this really special spiciness to it, especially when you add in the Chef's special mind blowing samba, 8D

It is literally mind blowing, because I think I added too much(one spoonful). It was super spicy hahahahahhahaha. So try the broth first before adding, you've been warn.

See how it looks when the chef handed me the bowl of laksa, and how it looks after I took the bowl from him.... Seriously asking for it sia, that amount of sambal.... 8(
I really love their sambal chili though. That irony, hahahaha. Can't take spice, yet die die want more spice, XD

SPECIAL DISH: Ayam Buah Keluak

One of the few most awesome dishes! I thought it was really spicy when I first saw it. And acted really bimbo lah, because I have no idea what Peranakan food is about, ._." But when people mention Peranakan food, this dish definitely comes first to the mind! You simply can't miss it. It's my first time trying it, but when I went home to show Ryan the photos, he practically squealed, and told me more history of this dish, hahaha. Ps: He's half Peranakan too. He is actually a mixed of many different races, icantrememberallofthem.

Anyway. I really love the taste of the Ayam Buah Keluak!! Especially when you mix their special gravy with the rice, ohmygod it's heaven. Idk how to explain, but their gravy is really really special. They have this herby taste, but also taste like dark soy sauce, then again it's not salty, and maybe slight tinge of sweetness in it. And when you dip the meat with sambal belacan..... I'm sorry man, I can't go on anymore, I feel like eating this all over again like right now. HAHAHAHA


If you have a sweet-tooth, fret nottttt. You can drown yourself in their exclusive Feast@East durian paste. Even people who dislike durian love it!!!! I'm not even lying!! Their durian paste is sooooooo rich and thick, I thought I was eating some real XO durian itself. But don't forget to rinse your mouth afterwards ah, because I can guarantee you, you'll end up getting so many servings of it you'll become durian. LOL

Not forgetting their traditional nyonya kuehs. Your durian cake, Ice Kacang, Custard Pudding, Bubor Chacha, Kueh Rainbow, Ondeh Ondeh, Kueh Koswee, Kueh Dadar, Bingka Ubi, Steam Tapioca, Rempah Udang, Kueh Salat, Pulut Kaya and Jemput Jemput!!! Sooooooooo many I almost died. Because I loveeeeeeee desserts, and I loveeeeee kuehs! I don't care if I'm super bloated and full from the food, there's always space for desserts, HAHAHAHAHA.

Make your own Ice Kacang!! They have all the condiments there at the side. So many to chose from!! Not forgetting the durian paste..... Yes.... The durian paste again.....

And they have durian cake, and fruits. Don't forget to eat more fruits after all the belacan ah. If you don't like to eat fruits, never mind. Add durian paste, 8D

And more kuehs..... *cues gleaming eyes*

I actually ate a lot of the Ondeh Ondeh, and honestly wish they have Kueh Dadar that day, T_T I love Kueh Dadar sooooo much... But they didn't have it that day T_T .....

Some people don't like kuehs, cause it might be too sweet, too dry, too idkwhypeopledontlike, but just add durian paste. Really, it'll make everything nice, LOL.

*Caution* Hot.

THIS IS REALLY GOOD. Took me a while to fish for the jellies though.... Whenever I buy Bubor Chacha, I always request for a lot of the sago hahahaha! I like sweet potatoes and yam, but when you have such thick coconut milk with the sago.... You just can't not leave the underground residents aside, :x
But in case you are wondering, don't worry, their yams and sweet potatoes are well cooked. It's not like half-tough, half-nua kind of state. You know when you go kopitiam and order Bubor Chacha, the aunty sometimes might even give you raw yams/potatoes. Okay, just kidding. But some are so badly cooked, idk how they even managed to get their license......
Wait.. Getting a license has nothing to do with skills right?


Mondays to Thursdays (Except Eve of and on Public Holidays)

Lunch: Adult $42, Child $21, Senior Citizen: $34 nett
Dinner: Adult $45, Child $23, Senior Citizen: $36 nett
(All guests will receive a complimentary can of coconut juice)

Fridays to Sundays (Except Eve of and On Public holidays)
Lunch: Adult $48, Childish $24, Senior Citizen: $38 nett
Dinner: Adult $52, Childish $26, Senior Citizen: $40 nett
(All guests will receive a complimentary can of coconut juice)

Weekend High-tea (Saturdays and Sundays)
Adult $25, Child $13

Prices are subjected to service charge and prevailing government taxes.

For reservations, please call Feast@East Buffet Restaurant at 6340 5665.
Or online at


Enjoy your meal there!

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