X-Men: Days of Future Past

by - Friday, May 16, 2014


AND SO. I attended the Southeast Asia Premiere for X-Men: Days of Future Past on Wednesday!
I am so sorry guys. I am going to spoil the movie and I know you're gonna hate me for this, BUT I AM TOTALLY GETTING YOUR HOPES UP JUST SO YOU GUYS WILL CHIONG TO THE CINEMA WHEN IT'S RELEASED. HAHAHAHAHHAHA

What went on that day.

You see, I was actually supposed to reach early for the Blue Carpet ceremony, TO CHOP A GOOD SPOT TO SEE MY HUGH JACKMAN, but then I had an appointment before the premiere and I ended up late, as usual. And of course, since I'm late, I didnt get a good spot lah, wahlao. Plus I'm so short. EVERYONE SIMPLY COVER MY VIEW WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO TIP TOE OR WHATSOEVER, PFFTS. So that was what I saw in the end. Empty blue carpet T_T

But I managed to get a good view of them without any obstructions after getting some tip-offs from security guards hehehehhee. Hehehehhehehehehe.

Kudos to my ever awesome camera. So clear even though I took from a distance, 8D CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENTTTT!!!
I was so starstruck my camera only focused on Hugh Jackman, hahahahahahaha! But that's it. ._.

ITS OKAY. ITS OKAYYYYY. I got to watch the movie anyway, HAHAHA.

Good lord, I swear it is the best Marvel movie ever. I'm sorry but I am only gonna give credits to Hugh Jackman. Because he actually bared his well toned ass for the movie, ohmygod. I can't get that out of my head, because IT WAS SO GOOD. I know I sound like a perv, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. Having reprising his role as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman practically brought his acting up to another level. Because he is not as invincible as he was this time. His adamantium claws are gone. You know acting vulnerable is always harder than being a hero, hahahaha. I believe he will get it back, but we will only know in the next sequel.

And if you've watched the trailer, you should know by now that Quicksilver actually played quite a big part in saving Magneto, or maybe you don't. But now you know! And Quicksilver has this really dope slow-mo scene which I honestly felt was super corny, but really cool anyway. Because Evan Peters is just too cute, 8D

They are going to have a different guy for Quicksilver in Avengers. I probably wouldn't like that guy as much.... Ah well, not gonna judge.

I'm not gonna touch too much on how the story goes, but be prepared to catch more of Jennifer Lawrence because she is gonna say something that would seriously blow your mind. I seriously didn't expect her to be so fluent with her dialogues!! And that flexibility, *ohmygod* They could probably do something to that hideous Mystique suit though......

Erm... I still prefer her looking normal....

Also, a rare chance for you to see Magneto being a hero for once!! Like can you believe it. Our super villain has finally wake up his idea, (Okay maybe not finally... The comic released pretty long ago....). He actually tried protecting the X-Men and got injured, it's unbelievable. But his young self did something pretty badass.. He actually transported a whole damn football stadium, LOL.

And FUUUUUUUUUU, Prof. X can walk again! But he loses it anyway after that. I mean... We all know that don't we? Hahhahaha.

Not forgetting Peter Dinklage!! Watch your favourite GOT star getting caught for trying to wipe out the mutants, pffts. Don't really fancy his role, but nevertheless a really good actor!!

Spoilers aside, the CG and actors were awesome! Kick ass acting, and detailed 3D graphics. I have to admit X-Men has one of the few best CG I've even seen!! But I honestly hate how movies always have to shorten the actual storyline of the original comic. Yes, we don't like it in 2 parts too. But neither do we like it summarized right!! :(:(:(

You can read the actual comic synopsis here.

I think the saddest actor among all the casts would be Fan Bingbing. It's cool that she's casted as Blink. Well, she did her role well. But throughout the whole 2 hours, she had only 1 line. And didn't really have much scene focused on her. Which is honestly quite sad...

I believe I've spoilt the movie enough. HAHAHAHA. Please catch X-Men: Days of Future Past in the cinemas when it is out next week!! It is ONE FREAKING GOOD MOVIE you wouldn't want to miss!! Actually, the best movie for 2014 up till now, tbh.

And don't forget to watch out for Hugh Jackman's hawt ass(literally), somewhere 20 mins into the movie. OH MY WOLVERINE. HAHAHAHA.


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