BLACKBOX: Curiosity Satisfied

by - Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I was so stoked to receive my first ever Black Box from yesterday!! You know the feeling of reaching home after a long tiring day, to see a box filled with surprises waiting to be opened? I was so eggcited to see what's inside!!

Blackbox is the latest sampling box available in town! And the best part? It is absolutely FREE! You will receive 5 different products each from a different brand bi-monthly, ranging from beauty, lifestyle, fashion to travel & dining! It'll all be a surprise, and you will never know what you are gonna get until they come knocking on your door steps. Super exciting right!!

All you have to do is subscribe to them over at, and you are on your way to sampling the latest product available in the market. I'm serious. No surveys, no reviews, no weird phone calls, and don't need to queue like Hello Kitty. It is totally free of charge. Just subscribe for a surprise. Easy? I know, right?!

My favourite Essential hair mask!!

And a whole box full of surprises!! Consist of:

ADORE - Comfort All Days Combo Pack
DARLIE All Shiny White Charcoal Clean
Phyto Secret De Nuit
NUXE White Brightening series: Foam, Lotion, Serum, Emulsion
Himalaya Lip Balm
Nourishing Skin Cream

It's hard to believe how much surprises a small box like this can give!! What are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE NOWWWWWW!!

Don't forget to "LIKE" Blackbox on Facebook too! Stand a chance to win a trip to Japan by participating in their contest!! Just fill in this FORM to enter the sweepstake! Good luck everyone!

*UPDATE* Nope, you don't have to pay for courier services too! It's absolutely free-of-charge!


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  1. it is really free ?? like do we even need to pay courier fee or something ?


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