Brick Mansion

by - Saturday, May 03, 2014

Headed over to JEM just now for a movie date with my parents. Caught Brick Mansions and I couldn't stop feeling sad about Paul Walker's departure. :(

I swear the movie too freaking good. Okay, maybe I am bias because I've been a fan of Paul Walker since Fast & Furious... and David Belle as a Parkour artist, LOL. But honestly, all the fight scenes, car chases, and parkour actions were just dope. Probably a little bit too fancy at some parts while they were fighting, but you can't deny that David Belle's pretty dang kickass. And parts where Paul Walker drifts in that freaking Mustang. Oh god, I died.

My heart skips a beat every single time I watch him crash through walls and boxes, considering he passed away in a fatal accident.... But then again, it was all that car drifting shots that made him attractive. And of course, his unique fight scenes as well.

Storyline wise was pretty weak. Not that the message wasn't conveyed. I feel that the actions had masked over the whole story itself. I guess the producers wanted to show us more of Paul Walker because this is one of his last couple of completed films. *Cries*

And at the end of the movie, when they started to roll the closing credits with a photo of Paul Walker, captioning, "In loving memory of Paul Walker", I almost cried. T_T
I suddenly remembered I will have to watch Fast and Furious 7 without Paul Walker, I honestly felt sooooo sad I want to cry!! T_____T ~~~~ The whole film was so good I'd pay to watch it over a thousand times. Just so I could reminisce all the awesome action movies he brought to us back in those days.. Ugh, now I really want to watch Fast &Furious all over again.

I'm gonna miss seeing him in Hollywood films now that he's gone. And thank you Paul Walker for bringing us so many great movies,

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