Neko No Niwa

by - Friday, May 02, 2014

Visited the cat cafe, Neko No Niwa back during early April with Ryan for his birthday surprise!! I have no idea how can I explain my love-hate relationship with the cafe. It was quite a failed and disappointing experience because most of the kitties were asleep and lazing around for the whole hour we were there... And it wasn't exactly cheap considering the breed of kitties they have, and things we could do with them. All we could do there was stare at them sleep, observe how they breathe and the way their whiskers twitch because we are not allowed to wake them up.

I mean, no offence.... Because Ryan has 3 cats at home, and I have one really fluffy Garfield at mine. Paying that amount to watch them sleep is really not worth it....... But I could only blame myself for booking the wrong time slot. x_x
And one of the staff told us to be gentle when we were already patting the kitties really gently. Idontgeddit I can totally understand because they do not know we actually own kitties at home, and after that incident where there was this crazy bugger who actually fed one of the cats with chocolate cheese tart(Are you mad?), the staffs are very protective of their felines. But the least you could do is let us have a better experience there by making your cats interact with us more since we are not allowed to carry them or disturb their sleep but you can?

You see, I really love cats. So I don't exactly mind paying that amount even though it is honestly not worth the price. I understand they need the money to give the kitties a better life, so paying is totally fine. But I really hate how the staff are treating their customers. When we were leaving, there was this lady who accidentally bang into their door, and one of the staff retorted really rudely telling her to "becareful with our doors". Okay whatever. It is not my problem how the management chose to train their staff as long as they don't treat their feline residents badly. The cats are the star of the cafe after all.

Im sorry if all you see are sleeping cats. Because all I saw were sleeping cats. :(

They have not bad an interior I'd say. But it is honestly too bright for the kitties. Maybe they could tint the glass a little? Make it more cosy and comfortable. Even though the current lighting is good ah...

And the sleeping Meauties..........!

Hahahhaa, couldn't resist this shot. That face...... XD

She woke up after hearing my camera click, hahaha.

Fat ball Demi.

Pretty Emma! Love her snow white coat.

My favourite cafe kitty, Brown Monkey! He's a really adorable and friendly fella!! Pat him and he will lay his head on your palm and doze off. Super cute, 8D

Fat ball gave that, "What do you want from me" face when Ryan attempted a kiss. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

It is not bad a place if you are willing to invest money there for a study break or whatnot. But do not go there on weekends. I'm dead serious. Trust me on the crowd. It's pretty insane. Such a small space, filled with so many people. I think I can understand why the cats are all cope up in their bed, not wanting to get out.

Anyway, the trip there was not bad lah.. I know I said it was a really disappointing experience. That's why the love-hate relationship. I really don't fancy the staffs on duty that day, but I love the kitties, hahaha! I can't tell you which day would be good to go, but I'll suggest you head over either in the morning, or late evening if you really wish to interact with the cats.

Most cats take afternoon naps, so they are asleep from 1PM ~ 5PM or so. It's on reservation basis, so you will have to call up the cafe and book a reservation first before heading down.

Call them at this number: 6536 5319

Or you can visit their site here, for more information!!
Also note that they only accept CASH at the moment!!

Make your expenses worth, check with them when is the best time slot to visit okay!! I went at about 2PM, because I wanted to head out early that day. But it was obviously a bad time slot lah, :( So don't visit at 2PM.

Or you can drop me an email, I let you visit Ryan's personal cat cafe at 50% discount. LOL.
Okay I'm joking, XD Hope you guys have fun there!!

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