Its holidays!

by - Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's all overrrr!! It's finally overrrrr!!! IT'S FINALLY HOLIDAAAAYYYYYYY!!

Omg, I can't explain how eggcited I am because I have like the upcoming 3 months free from schoolwork and all. But I am definitely gonna miss that crazy bunch of BM Rangers(A name someone from my school gave to the people in my course)! VJ Night was a blast. Everyone did so well for their showcase, I feel like a proud mommy!! Especially when you hear the audiences cheering for you and your work...... *proud*

Anyway, a quick catch up about what's been going on in my life....

The past 2 weeks was practically hell, in a good way. How? I can never stand waking up early everyday just to attend school, but for the last week of school, I can't believe I actually managed to attend every lesson. Despite the fact that it was super tiring, and I had lots and lots of filming to do, I still enjoyed myself whenever I meet the whole crazy bunch of BM rangers. And for the very first time in my life, I actually do agree to this statement. School isn't that bad.

And I met up with bad weather that caused my filming to delay and got pushed back all the way until the second last day of submission. To be honest, I was actually STILL filming on the day right before submission just so my video wouldn't look so weird and empty.

Thankful enough, my boyfriend is a semi music genius (He will be a full genius soon). He managed a pretty decent soundtrack for my video in just 2 hours.

To be honest, I am actually quite proud of what I've achieved in a span of just short 2 weeks. I've never thought I'd be this capable. But then again, I would not have been able to accomplish so much without some support here and there.
*Truly thankful*

Now that marks the start of my holidays!! Yayyyyyyy!!

Oh, and I finally bought the ETUDE HOUSE Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper that I've alwaysssss wanted. Ever since that ETUDE HOUSE PLAY event, I've been like an ultra ETUDE fan. I switch almost everything in my make up bag to ETUDE HOUSE products, and I think I am going to do that someday when I have the time to go shopping, hahahaha!

Can't explain how much I love this. It gives off that really shiny and juicy look, hiding away all that dry chapped skin on your lip. And I like how it gives off this tingly, minty feel when you apply it on. It feels really refreshing, and it smells ultra nice, 8D

Plus it also kind of hydrates the lip, leaving it look full and moist. *screams* ultra love.

A couple of months ago, I switched my phone case to this really narcissist, but useful casing I got from Cineleisure.

I saw Ahhao using it and I knew I've got to have it, LOL. It has a mirror attached at the back, and when you flip open the mirror, you can slip in your EZ-link card. Super convenient! And it is super durable! I'm using my second one now because I am super klutzy, and I kept dropping my phone ah.... So my first case cracked. -___- But the mirror was still perfect in one piece! Too good, (Y)

Anyway, did a quick cleaning up with my wardrobe a few weeks back. Sold quite a bit of stuff away during my flea with Aahke! I am gonna revamp my room as soon as I earn enough moneyyyyy! It's packed with rubbish all over the place, I can barely even walk. Omg.

And there is this painting I've been dying to do. I hope I'll be able to do it during my holidays, hehehe. I am super eggcited to start the project, and I can't wait to see the results of it!

Some photos from yesterday. Did some short filming for some stuff! A lot of events coming up in May! I'll share after everything settles down, hehehe.

Thank you for reading! Xo

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