by - Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I've never thought I would be able to produce a piece of work as good as this. Not saying it's super professional and well done, but seeing how my classmates and lecturer love it, I guess I actually do take pride in it.

Of course, I didn't do this alone. I wouldn't have been able to complete this poster without the help from Sylvest's brain and Urich's self-proclaimed OCD, hahahahaha. I guess having OCD is a good thing somehow, because you tend to be ultra particular about the sizes and placing of pixels, you will end up producing eye-pleasing work.

Anyway. This coming Saturday, my coursemates and I will be performing a series of VJ show for our VJ Showcase(as stated) at HOMECLUB, from 8PM ~ 10PM. Admission is free, so pop by if you are around the area and have fun with the potential VJs!

But I will probably dress down for the event, because I've put on quite a bit of weight lately due to excessive procrastinating and post-editing. So please don't try to find me there,
I just wanna be hidden behind the background for a while......... XD

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