Not your average school day

by - Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life had been horrendous ever since school started. Firstly, I have a fucked up timetable. Secondly, to make things worse, the roster includes Saturday. My school starts at 9AM, so I have to wake up at 6:30AM everyday to ensure that I can be on time. But you know what pisses me off even more? I wake up at 6:30AM to prepare, leave house at 7:30AM and I can still be late. Wahlao, do you have any idea how bad is the transport in the morning, ugh.

Today was pretty fun though, hahaha.

Lesson wasn't conducted in school, and the class pretty much bonded through the outdoor session we had today. Even though it was really really early, (yet again..) and everyone was really tired.

Our lecturer had made a promise with us. That, if we manage to arrive at Esplanade by 9:00:59, he would treat the whole class Starbucks. So I was extremely diligent lah! I woke up super early to make sure I am on time, LOL. And the class was practically placing their bets on me to be early or else no Starbucks. BUT, turned out, I wasn't the one who's late. Well, my classmates were..... So no Starbucks.

But it's okay, we had fun anyway!!

What made me happier was the arrival of my black beauty. I collected my baby like yesterday, and I brought her out today for filming, gahahahha. Look at how nice the photos turned out, *lovestruck*
So I was taking selfie when everyone started crowding around me playing with my baby's handsfree censor, hahahahaha. #CASIOEX-10 (Y)

After we got dismissed, we headed over to Marina Square to chill for a bit. And Sophia taught me how to longboard, hahahaha. That poor girl probably got bruised by all my grabbing cause I have really bad CG and I couldn't balance. Fell a couple of times when Sophia stop giving me support. *facepalm* I think everyone deemed me as a really clumsy girl from then on. But I know how to skate a little now! Hehehehe.

Some of them headed back to school to do some work after that. So hardworking I wonder what the hell am I doing now. I am supposed to be rushing my work, but but but... idk. After we spilt, I window shopped a bit for gifts before heading home and realized my bank balance just went down by 1 digit again. Good lord.... My money is flowing away like liquid and it's all spent on transport!! I need a job so badly. But I have lessons so early, I am too tired to work. I even have school on Saturday, fml.

But ah, I requested for jobs from my company anyway. Hahahaha. I cannot sit still and not work rahhh. I need to move and make more moolahhhh! *Workaholic*

Decided to blog since I'm taking a break from all the shitty video planning. Got to start filming soon, :(
And countdown to final submission day: 3 weeks.
Alright, I can do this.
Back to work! Selfie from this morning..

Oh yeeeppp. I'm back to bangs, hahahahaha.
Thank you Naoki Yoshihara by Ash for creating wonders again. No idea how did May managed to keep my bangs in place. I had such stubborn hair parting, it is super hard to keep my bangs neat and not spilt into center parting, LOL.

Ps; I recontracted with Naoki Yoshihara by Ash!! Can't wait for all the upcoming exciting events during my next journey with them. Hehehehehehe.

Update soon. Xx

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