7 things to not give a fuck about

by - Monday, March 24, 2014

This topic came really randomly and casually as I was chatting with Ben in class during our pretty much a free time I'd say. You see, all we do in school is watch movies, wait to consult the lecturer and that's it. You basically do the rest of the work at home, and bring it to school to consult. So you could say that we don't have lessons at all, to be really honest.

As we were bitching about how bad the education system is in Singapore, we somehow, no idea how, touched on 7 things to not give a fuck about.

Actually Ben was just casually mentioning a random example, and I thought it's a really good topic to write . Because we, as humans, care too much. Sometimes you really need to not give a fuck. Or else you are just gonna end up screwing yourself up by caring too much.

1. Other people's problem

You know how the saying always goes, "Don't make your problem my problem."? Exactly! Your mom gave you a brain the same time she created you. I am pretty damn sure their mom gave them a brain when they were created too. Solve it yourself!

2. Other people's perspection.

Be yourself, and do what you think is right. Don't just go with the flow! Well, you may not always be right, but if you don't risk how would you know if it'll work? Go with your guts, and don't live to please people!

3. Emotions.

Emotions are literally what kill you. When you care too much about how one person feels, you'll fall. When you give in too much to your emotions, you'll fall too. Never give a f*** too much about someone's emotions unless necessary. Or else when you get too emotionally attached to someone, you'll kill yourself.

4. Everyone's opinion of you.

The thing about humans is that, we care too much about what people say about us. And we make ourselves unhappy trying to change the way they think. What they think doesn't matter. And you should never let it get you!

5. What other people have and you don't.

Everyone has their fair share of woes. People may be going through really shitty times and you don't even know about it. Mind your own business and stop caring about what's going on in other people's lives.

6. Boundaries and obstacles people set up.

Don't ever let anyone put you down! No matter how hard you work, there will always be people getting in your way, and try to pull you down. If someone says that you can never live your dreams, no! Go and live your dreams!

7. Perfection.

This is one of the few main thing that people care wayyyy too much about. There's no such thing as perfection! It's all a myth! You know what perfect means? It means complete beyond practical. It's not even practical to be perfect!
We all make mistakes, so cut some slack on yourself!

There are more to just what I've listed above about what you shouldn't give two hoots about. Most people don't appreciate it when you care. And most people say things to put you down just so you'll feel inferior. When you care too much, you are just gonna feel all the hurt because nothing good returns. Well, most of the time nothing returns. If it makes your world a better place to live it, why not just don't give a fuck?

Just my 2 cents, peace v.

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