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Hello!! I was invited to a food tasting session at YUMCHA@Chinatown a while back to try their range of dim sum and buffet menu! Yum Cha had been in Singapore for a good long while now! And it is definitely one of my favourite place for dim sum! Especially when they have dim sum buffet with a wide range of mouth watering dim sum to chose from!

Conveniently located at the heart of Chinatown, this Yum Cha restaurant offers you a unique dining experience with their traditional style interior, and services!

With more than 60 over delicious traditional Cantonese dim sum dishes to choose from at Yum Cha @ Chinatown, their Ala Carte Hi-Tea Buffet Session will give you a total dim sum-rush(If that ever make any sense) with their menu!

They have plenty of choices, ranging from traditional to contemporary dim sums!

Not forgetting their Signature Dimsums items like, Xiao Long Bao, Prawn Dumpling, Shark's Fin with Meat Dumpling, Fish Roe Siew Mai, Phoenix Claw, Paper Chicken Wings, Prawn & Mango Sesame Fritters, Baked Mini Egg Tarts, and Cripsy Red Bean with Banana! Of course, they have the all-time favourite CUSTARD BUN too!!


Squid Ink Dumpling!

Glutinous Rice.

Paper Chicken Wings!!

Omg, how do/can you even resist this?

Their steamed dimsum are served in traditional dimsum baskets that will be pushed around on a pushcart at the restaurant!

Aside from the steamed dimsum, they also have fried dimsum, congee and desserts too!!

Fresh Scallop Congee!
This isn't included in the buffet menu, but I ordered it to try anyway! I like how the saltiness of the scallop compliment the congee! If you are looking to have a filling meal, you should totally try their congee!
But they have a lot other really delicious dishes, I would recommend you to order a little bit of everything, so that you can try without getting full too quickly!



We ordered chee cheong fan last that day. So we were all pretty full and couldn't contain much anymore, :(
But I will definitely swallow 3 plates of those if it didn't come last, T_T

One of their signature dish, Crispy Red Bean with Banana!!
Who would have thought Red bean and Banana could go so well with each other?! They're like a perfect pair having a forbidden relationship. Weird but super good combination! Hahahahahahahha

Osmanthus Cake!

Black Sesame Glutinous Riceball in Ginger Tea!

Their extremely delicious bite-size Egg Tarts! I like how the crust is ultraaaaa crispy but not flaky!! But of course, it's best consumed while it's still piping hot. The smell is simply irresistible. Once it cools, the crust wouldn't be as crispy anymore, :(

YUMCHA has 3 different outlets in Singapore now with different concept at each store!!
The one I visited was the CHINATOWN outlet, which has a Casual Traditional Teahouse concept, with all day dim sum, Tapino Hotpot and seafood dishes!!

Yum Cha at Chinatown
20 Trengganu Street (Off Temple Street)
#02-01 Singapore 058479

TEL: 6372 1717

Their other two outlets are located at:

Yum Cha at Changi
Concept: Casual Kitchen
Serves Dimsum and Roasted delights.
6 Changi Business Park Ave 1 #01-33
UE Bizhub East Singapore 486017

TEL: 6789 1717

Yum Cha Garden
Concept: Business & Family Dining
Serves Dimsum, Tapino Hotpot and seafood dishes.
Serangoon Garden Country Club
22 Kensington Park Road Singapore 557271

TEL: 6343 1717


Adult: $21.80++
Child: $16.80++

Available on Weekdays ONLY from 3PM - 6PM,
Last order at 5:30PM

(Not valid on Public Holidays)

Do note that Yum Cha at Chinatown only accepts walk-ins! They do not accept reservations unless you are dining with a huge pack of people or you wish to hold celebrates! Yep, Yum Cha does catering too!! Do call them up for more information!

And the best part?


Yum Cha now delivers! Just call 6222 1717 for delivery! Or you can check out their website: http://yumchaexpress.com.sg for more information on their delivery services!

Satisfy your dimsum crave with Yum Cha now!
Thank you for visiting lovely one, xx

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