Photo update.

by - Thursday, January 23, 2014

Haven't been home much lately. Heading out early in the morning, and reaching home only after midnight these days.. I feel so sluggish and drained out, I fall asleep the moment I get home most of the time it's really hard for me to actually dig out some "me" time for myself.

And I also realized I had been neglecting the blog for quite a bit. There are so much for me to update, but my brain just refuse to function every single time I visit Blogger. I have like 3 - 5 drafts in pending, all half written. It be amazing if this post actually gets posted, hahahahaha

I don't really have much to update now. Just wanna share a couple of photos and selfies from the last couple of days when I was taking photos for an advertorial.... Also starring the pussy that had been living with me for the past three years, hahahaha

Her name is Garfield. I know Garfield is a guy, but she looks just like a real Garfield la, hahahaha. Shes a female ok.

She always give me that really frustrated look every time I carry her... Hahahaha

And then I tried taking a proper picture with her....

Her fur made me sneeze like mad.

Then she show me her ass....

And walked away. Hahahahhhahahhaa

Alright, that's about it.
Update soon. Cheers.

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