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by - Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lately, I've start to realize how fat i had gotten, and I feel like a beach whale every single time I look at my tummy and wonder where did all those fat came from. And people been telling me how fat I've become and how I should totally slim down. Thanks for the reminder ah, friends.

Over the years, I've been bashed with all sorts of nasty comments about my body. Short, fat, chubby and yadah yadah. To such an extent even my mom thinks I'm fat and I should slim down. But that wasn't the worst. My ex-crush actually said he didn't like me because I have thunder thighs. He actually said I have thunder thighs.
How 'bout eating my shit, you scumbag.

It wasn't such an issue until I got rejected of so many assignment just because I'm short and have no image. People laugh at me for being tomboyish just because I don't wear dresses. You think I don't want to wear dresses? You know what kind of hassle I'll have to go through just to get a dress my size? Even the smallest sizes are too long for me most of the time.

Heels won't work too. Because I apparently have thunderous legs. Ya, it affected me THAT badly la.

But of course, it's not all bad stuff came out of these realizations. I found a couple of good points to embrace too.

Over the years as people were telling me to slim down and stop eating so much(I'm a glutton), I stare at myself in the mirror everyday and tell myself how beautiful I am, being over confident about myself and slowly turning into a narcissist. Also, my beliefs forbid me from cutting down on carbs and calories. You should never, never, never cut on food. Food is good! There's a reason why "f" comes after "g" right? Food is the next Good in other words. Okay I'm bullshittin'.

It took me a lot of years to overcome the fact that I am fat like a beach whale and that I can never slim down or tone up because I am super lazy and I love to eat. And I honestly think I am of average size. So what if I'm heavy?!

Be happy I'm such a narcissist. Wouldn't you have killed me if I surrendered to your nasty comments?! You bitches be murderers if I'd die.

Seriously, people need to understand we don't live to please people like them. I don't care if you don't like my thunder thighs. I don't care if you're someone that goes for thigh gaps. So what if you're cute and good looking?

Look, I love my flabs. And I'm not sacrificing my food and time just because you don't fancy them.

Screw 'dem thigh gaps, I have me some thigh flabs. How 'bout that?

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