I, Frankenstein

by - Sunday, January 26, 2014

Attended the movie premiere for the latest hit release, "I, Frankenstein" with lots of love from Cathay Organisation. Finally a decent movie after all the shitty release from the past couple of months.
Thank you so much Cathay, and Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for the tickets!!
Okay, trailer before every thing else.

I've always thought of Frankie(Frankenstein) as someone who is retarded, stupid, has no feelings, couldn't think because his brain isn't functioning or rather he doesn't even have a brain, okay I don't know actually. To be really honest with you, I have no clue what Frankenstein was other than that two really distinct screws on his head, hahahaha. So I guess the movie didn't really fuck my childhood up in a way or two. It left me quite a pretty damn good memory of it instead.

I mean.... It's Aaron Eckhart?!

Unlike your usual Frankie. This Frankie is not Frankenstein. This Frankie has no screws to his brains, neither does he owns a big squarish top. Dressed in jeans and hoodie, equipped with his battle bats, Frankenstein's creature, Adam is out to save the human race from the hands of evil demons who raised from hell. With help from the once stone guardian angels, Gargoyles, Aaron Eckhart launched himself into a battle of the otherworld.

Dr.Frankenstein, afraid of his own creation, tried killing the creature(Aaron Eckhart) by throwing his body down the river. The creature survived the fall, so he got back to seek revenge and murdered Dr.Frankenstein's wife. A life for a life.... Devastated, Dr.Frankenstein set out to hunt for the creature, who was later named Adam, and got frost to death.

As the creature is burying a body, he's confronted by a bevy of demons who want to kidnap him for some reason.

And then he's rescued by once-stone gargoyles who flew down to do battle after taking the form of smoking hawt winged warriors. Like no shit, too damn fucking hawt.

The creature was then brought back to the gargoyle headquarter, a cathedral.... where he was given some further back story on the age-old conflict between gargoyles and demons, and how the demons are planning to take over humans by the Gargoyle Queen. Who also named the creature, Adam.

And then the battle started. With Adam leaving the cathedral, and the demons hunting him to figure a way to reanimate corpses to take over the world, along with the gargoyles who are constantly getting his back. But ultimately, they were after Dr.Frankenstein's personal hand written journal on about the making of the creature, Adam.

With help from scientist, Terra, who is in charged of experimenting the secret to reanimating corpses, not knowing she was working for the demons, Adam led the gargoyles to the battleground and managed to stop the demon king from reanimating his army of corpses that he collected over the century.

Okay I shall stop here with the spoiler. Sorry I got carried away, hahaha! The movie is too good to not catch it. Apart from the plot and eye-candies, a good movie of course comes with good CGI-action scenes.

The trailer and images isn't doing this movie much justice. You have to really catch it in the theatres to know how good it is.

Out this January 2014, not your average Frankenstein. Catch them at all Cathay cinemas now!

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