Merry Merry Christmas!

by - Friday, December 27, 2013

I've been really really tired and busy these days... Catching up with sleep, preparing for school, attending events and meeting my sponsors.... There's soo much I wish to share with all of you but I'm still so jet lag that I always wake up to rushing out for meet-ups. And then reach home feeling ultra tired, and collapsing on bed until the next day.. Sigh.
I think time is eating me up... I can feel the urgency of how my age is catching up with my health and body, T_T...

But anyway. Christmas was a blast! Probably the happiest out of all the Christmas I've had in the past! Or perhaps I've been hanging out with the wrong friends all these while hahahaha.

I was invited to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for their Christmas Countdown Party on Christmas' Eve, I was also there to support Clint's first ever band performance!
You could visit their site at After Colors.

Oh my god, they totally blasted the stage. Like really got the party started, and making everyone hype up! Me and Natalie were constantly screaming and getting real high at the party, XD

You can catch one of their songs here, if you've missed their first performance together!

Amazing right?! It's hard to believe they've only started out as a band just a month ago. I feel like some kind of proud mommy, watching them working so hard for this gig for the past one month. *cries tears of joy*

And then the rest of the CNOS peeps came over shortly after. Had a really short interview and then they sang a Christmas carol, after that was some dance battles.... and then THE MAIN HIGHLIGHT, REBECCA LIM OMFG.

Sorry I fast forward the whole event because I'm too excited to talk about Rebecca Lim hahaha. Omg, she's tohtally gorgeous. And she's so tall, she has flawless skin, and her smile is breathtaking.... Tell me why am I alive again...

And I was so close to her, SOOOOO CLOSE OMG. Look at that smile... *melt* And shes really humorous and humble too! Gah, I'm in love, LOL.

Just me hopping about as usual hahaha. That day was good. We had quite a couple of friends coming down to support AfterColors! They were so nice. Didn't actually think they will really come down for them. Thank you so much T_T

Also, guys! Do check out their covers and subscribe to their YouTube alright! Support our local bands!


I might be posting up some covers too. After I brush up my skills enough for guitar or ukulele, gahaha. Meanwhile, stay tune for my next update. I'll be doing a post to summarize up my 2013 hehehe.

Thank you for reading!

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