BREEKS for Christmas!

by - Sunday, December 22, 2013

Still pondering on a Christmas gift?

BREEKS has the best choice for you!

This year, BREEKS introduced a wide selection of delicious brownies and frappes for Christmas! I was invited to the Harborfront outlet to have a taste of their new menu!

We were first served with their Christmas Special drink, Brown Noel (S$5.90++)!

It's a Chocolate-Coffee frappe topped with Marshmallows and a handmade Honeydew-Strawberry chocolate!
The drink is thick, froth and chocolatey, and it isn't too sweet.

Suit my taste perfectly! I'm more of a bitter chocolate person rather than sweet-sweet chocolate person. So the coffee actually neutralized the taste and made it slightly mocha-ish! Love it!

Next up was their exclusive Christmas brownie, Salted Caramel Brownie! (Available for Christmas Period only!)

Not a fan of sweet stuff but this was surprisingly good! Especially with the strawberries hehe. It wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be!

And then I got to try the Nutella Brownie as well! Like how can I not, I'm such a Nutella fan, LOL!

You know the roasted taste of Nutella? The crispy top, with the soft roasted brownie.... Omg. *drools* I almost asked for another piece, but so paisae.. LOL.

They also have 4 other Premium flavours to chose from....


Not forgetting their classic brownie,


The brownies cost S$2.80++ per piece, S$3.80++ with ice-cream!

And BREEKS currently have this Christmas offer, a box of Breeks Classic Walnut Brownies @ only S$35+ per box!
Customers can choose to purchase as a whole. or pre-cut into 20 pieces!

Or, you can also get the Premium Brownies @ S$38+ per box!
Customers can choose to purchase as a whole, or pick and mix 16 pieces of their desired flavours!

You can find more details on their brownies at"!
Don't forget to follow their Facebook page: Breeks Singapore

Have a happy Christmas, and get sweet this festive season with BREEKS! ^^

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