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We were schedules to leave the hotel at 8:30AM Europe time again. I feel awfully depress. To be honest I really like Venice, and I am dying to be left behind over there hahahaha. And to make things worse, the breakfast at the hotel is horrendous... And we had to wake up so early everyday. Not enough sleep, gah.

But on a second thought, the expenses here isn't cheap ah. Maybe I should go around selling souvenirs like those foreign uncles hahaha, xD You'll be surprised to see more foreigners here as compared to locals!
Probably because Venice City is located across the canal. But of course, Venice is pretty big. They have people living before the City area too.

It was 0°C that day. Temperature in Europe had been going lower and lower as days passes by raised up the moment I left Switzerland.

Many were telling me my outfit wasn't suitable for the weather. But truthfully, I am actually perspiring within those layers of cloths. I'm pretty good with cold, to be honest, hahaha. Still, you'll have to protect yourself from the breeze. It'll make your skin so dry it starts cracking. And that's not fun at all. Thank god for my hand creams and moisturizers.

Before reaching Milan, we dropped by Verona Old Town and visited the famous Juliet's balcony.
I wonder how Romeo got her down from her balcony and eloped with her. The balcony is so high?!?!?!!
Shakespeare's novels doesn't make sense some times.

They have this naked Juliet statue standing right below her balcony. Legend said that many people visited Juliet for blessings to marry a good guy or for good fortune. So to receive her blessings you'll have to grope her right breast and do a small prayer.

Hahahaha, rather ridiculous, so I hugged Juliet instead, and prayed for more money so that I could visit her again, LOL.

Anyway, this small area is rather special. There have this wall of locks where lovers would write their wishes and lock it to the gate, symbolising how their love will always be locked together forever... And another wall to leave a message for Juliet. I have no messages for her except to tell her not to be so stupid as to commit suicide in afterlife which I obviously wouldn't write it there, so I signed my name there instead. XD

We had quite a bit of time to walk and shop around around Verona, but the town is actually really huge we only managed to cover a small part of it.
Good enough, because I get to try their locate street-snack hehehe.
No photos because it was too inconvenient for me to hold a camera and my food at the same time, :(

Verona's Old Town is filled with pretty sculptures and olden Victorian style buildings. They also have a lot of talented street performers here and there. You could easily spot Thor, Michael Jackson, Spiderman, Mr.Bean, or Mummies and street stunts all over the place! Not forgetting the labels they have here.

LV, Chanel, GUCCI, Bucherer, H&M you name it, they should probably have all of it. But the bad thing is that, the place is really huge, it's pretty hard to locate the store. So do your homework before visiting hahaha.

We left Verona at about 1PM because we had to reach Milan before the sky gets dark. It'll be hard to travel once the sky dims. It's really dangerous here, and there's no street lights along the way like from Singapore to Malaysia.

I wouldn't deny I slept through the bus trip and didn't actually get to see Milan much. I was so tired!! We arrived at around 4PM, and had 2 hours of shopping time around Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle. These were taken while we were walking to the Galleria. It was getting dark, and my camera wasn't at it's best. Blur shots everywhere, :(

And at the mention of Milan?! PRADAAAAAAA! For all Prada fans out there, this outlet is the biggest Prada outlet, and I swear they have everything. The aunties spent 1 hour 30 minutes in it and I had to do so much translation, I practically didn't get my chance to walk around.

Which clearly explains the lack of photos of Milan... *sigh* Such beautiful city....

We also had a photo stop at the world's 4th largest Gothic Cathedral that is located right beside Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle. Took them 6 centuries to build it. Ohmygod, it's sooooooo huge you'll need a ultra wide angle to take a full view of it right from the entrance of Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle.

I was squatting in a really awkward position just so I could get a proper photo of the cathedral, hahaha. And it was time to go back to the hotel after our dinner around the area. Whether had been really nice to us for the whole day! It wasn't foggy at all, and it was really cooling.

Milan is a really really pretty place filled with really nice landscapes and buildings! But the people here are really rude. Tour guide told us that most Italians are rude. It's like their culture to be rude to people, wth. So don't think I'll ever visit Milan again, hahaha. There's really nothing much for us to do here, except to shop for Prada and do some sightseeing. Oh well.

Next stop: My favorite country! SWITZERLAND!

Blurred photo always looks the best somehow, hahahaha.

Thank you for reading! ^^

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