That's it, 2013.

by - Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anddddddddd...... that's it! No doubt one of the few most frustrating and tiring year I've ever spent. 2013 flew by so quickly I could barely recall what I've done for the past 365 days.

As usual, I'm writing up a post to reflect on what I've done for the past one year, and penning down resolutions that would probably be forgotten within week. But looking back on what I've written last year, I guess I've more or less accomplish what I've wished for. Except for the points where I am still really lazy, and look like a kid. I honestly can't believe I'm 21 this year.

Not forgetting all the events that went on throughout 2013. I have so many people to be thankful for! This year is obviously a breakthrough for my blogging career(As you would call it.), and my life as well.

Last CNY.
I recalled how obsessed I was with Red back then. Most of my clothing are Red, and they still are.

And then I participated in Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation, and made a lot of new awesome friends which I am still hanging out with now!

Our first meet-up!

I also got to meet a lot of celebrities this year, with a millions thanks to all the sponsors, and my boss, managers and friends. I've never thought that I would ever be able to work backstage. I've always dreamt to be part of the back stage crew, handling all the ushering and event stuff! I'm so glad I met Ting and Regina, T_T You girls are the best I've ever had. Mwah.

Hyunbin's Fan-meet with Huixin, one of the friends I met through CNOS and still hanging out!

And then there was Rihanna, BigBang, The Killers thanks to F1. Sulli, ShiNEE, because I was working for Etude House Party. And then TVB Awards, with all the HK stars, 8D..... NU'EST, A*Pink, also again because of my job.
And I got to work with Chua Enlai, a really really fun and bubbly person!
Next was Rebecca Lim, thanks to Cineleisure.
Here's a photo I'm insanely proud of.

With BaekHo from NU'EST @ Backstage! He's ultra hawt omfg.

Apart from working for events and meeting celebrities, I attended numerous interesting events as well!

Food tasting at Eighteen Chefs.

Food tasting at SUPPERMAN.

And Seoul Gardens too!!

This October, I also got to attend my first ever Halloween event at Sentosa 4D AdventureLand. Not forgetting USS too!

Thank you so much, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for the tickets! It was my first time attending USS' Horrow Night, and I was soooooo excited! Because I've always loved horror stuff. Being able to be there in the set itself is like a dream come true, 8D

I also got to attend quite a couple of movie premieres, and the best of 2013 is no doubt The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. God, how in love I am with Jennifer Lawrence... She's totally gorgeous and she's such a fun and true person!

With my awesome bunch.

And many more events which I've forgotten, hahahaha.

And the biggest breakthrough was securing my first ever sponsorship with Naoki Yoshihara by Ash! After my first session with them as a hair model, they've been taking care of my hair ever since!

I also hopped on to the Datsumo Labo platform as a casual blogger! Datsumo Labo had since expose me to a lot of different experience in the Japanese modelling industry!

Tanjong Pagar Datsumo Labo

First ever runway walk for Marble Wonderland.

One of the most amazing and nerve wrecking experience ever. I have never thought this was possible for me. Because I am actually really short, and chubby. I don't really look good in the clothes I wear, neither do I look good on stage. But Marble Wonderland actually gave me this opportunity of a lifetime! T_T *mad touched*

Apart from all these events, I also had a chance to do a flash mob for Jurong Point with the rest of the CNOS peeps! And I also got to meet awesome people through the performance!

I also travelled a lot this year! All the way from January until recently, I just came back from London.
It was fun flying around and meeting new people! Especially trying their food and learning their cultures.

Early January, Taiwan

It was a really impromptu trip which was obviously unplanned. I booked the tickets 2 weeks before flying, and I had skipped school just for this trip!
But it's okay. #YOLO hahahaha.

Early August, Cameron Highlands with my family!

Plucked some strawberries hehehe.

Exclude all the other mini trips I had in and out of Malaysia, I've actually flew over to Europe almost a month ago, and had only returned 2 weeks back, hehehe. Time flies doesn't it.

Venice, Italy.

Verona, Italy.

Milan, Italy.

Interlaken, Switzerland.

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.

Paris, France.

La Vallée Village, Paris.

London, Big Ben.

Tower Bridge, London.

I don't know what else can I say about 2013. Life had been so amazing throughout. I met all the awesome people that changed my life from a mundane rotting-all-day lifestyle to a fun-filled 2013 with tons and tons of outings and events.
Truth is I also met quite a bit of setbacks, and people who tries really hard to bring me down.
But I've received so much love and support from everyone around me, and from you people who are reading this right now, those words can never bring me down.

2013 had also taught me that we can all be different and make a change in our lives if we really want to. Just a year back, I was still stuck in dilemma, feeling lost and not knowing what to do because of school. But thank you so much for constantly be on my back, giving me advices and telling me not to give up on my dreams.

2013 had been a hell of a year! It was a blast, and I hope 2014 will provide equally much life lesson for me as I work on and improve! ^^

I've collaged all the photos I posted throughout the whole of 2013 from my Instagram!

Have a Happy New Year and a blessed 2014!

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