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by - Thursday, January 09, 2014

And my first post of 2014 is dedicated to my all-time favourite sponsor, Naoki Yoshihara by Ash!! I'm sorry I haven't been updating. It's pretty hard considering I have to prepare a lot for school and my school is fucking up my schedules and some login portal shit.

Just a couple of days before Christmas, I actually visited Naoki to have my usual hair treatment. So that I can look good with smooth shiny hair, hehehehe.

It was pretty impromptu but I'm glad my manager there is always so sweet to help with whatever request I have. She even gave me a NAKED Palette for Christmas, which I feel is the best for 2013, *mad touched* I love her so muchhhh. I will introduce her next time hahaha.

In case some of you haven't know, my hair had been proudly taken care of by my sponsor, Naoki Yoshihara by Ash since last September. And I had been running to the salon for treatment almost every week ever since, LOL. *super kiasu* But that's also because I abuse my hair a lot, and I need them to be in better condition after all those damage.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, pardon that head.


Chose scalp treatment this time because they say, to solve a problem, you will have to deal with the root of the problem. Okay it doesn't make sense. But do you know, when you abuse your hair with hair dyes, heat treatment, rebonding or perming, the chemical would actually sink into your scalp, and burn your hair follicles. Causing all the scalp problem, and bad hair problems.

So I went for the scalp treatment at Naoki, and as usual, they did an awesome job in making me look fabulous with my shiny glorious hair, HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry I just have to do that, XD I feel like some kind of hair super model every single time I visit them, hahahaha I cannot. XD

Tooooo fabulous. *flips*

After that Ayu added some fun to my hair ends! Using clay to lighten the color for a little, and then added some pink hair manicure to create a slight dip dye! Hair manicure is a colored treatment using colored cream and then following the same process you dye your hair! But it actually treats your hair instead of doing damage to it.

It is not released in Naoki yet, but Ayu let me try it first hahaha. You guys could ask about it on your visit if you are interested!!

SO DAMN CHIO. And my hair doesn't even feel dry at all!? But the color faded off really quickly, like after a week or so. Ayu said these aren't permanent hair dye, it's a treatment! But it be cool if you have exotic colored hair for a week or two isn't it? Hahaha. So maybe you girls can consider going crazy for this upcoming CNY, :P

And I mentioned they made me look fabulous, didn't I?

My hair after 2 weeks.

So smooth it's impossible.

Look at that shine?! And I went back to school, Madeline actually told me my hair got healthier!! I swear I can't thank Naoki Yoshihara enough for this. I will also be heading back for a session soon to get my hair colored and ready for CNY! Not sure if it'd work out, but I sure do hope it does!! It's been a while since I last went crazy anyway. Can't wait hahahahaha.

Thank you for reading and I'm so sorry for the lack of updates lately.
Rove you guys. Xx

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