by - Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Finally found myself some time to dig out a couple of sentences from my guts, hahaha. I've been working for 2 weeks straight now, and 3 days of rest just isn't enough.... But... I'll be back to work again tomorrow. *stabs self*

Anyway, I'm just gonna share a couple of photos since picture speaks louder than words. Don't think you guys would want to read a whole chunk of my rants from work. You know, the usual stuff and all.... But things are slightly better this time because I was working with Huixin throughout the 2 whole events! Excluding the fact we had a creepy superior that tries to hit on all the girls despite being married. What's worse, his wife was working with us as well.
Damn, that bugger should rot in hell. His wife is such a nice person!

Vizit Korea! @ EXPO

And then I received my lovely parcel from @Sensibar_sg!

To be honest, I was actually expecting the bangle to be really heavy from what I see in the photo, but I was really surprised to know it's actually really light and fits perfectly on my wrist! (I'm actually really small sized, I thought the bangle would be too big for me.) But the bangle could be customised to your own size or rather, of any sizes!

Adding on, all these accessories are hand-made with love by Jazreel, the owner! Look at how pretty they are?!

(Images from @Sensibar_sg)

You can visit the site for more pretty accessories! They have a whole range of simple, yet classy accessories that's perfect for any occasion!

And then I worked for CEE2013. It was pretty fun! Walking around distributing flyers, at the same time running from booths to booths for free ice-cream, coffee and finger food.... X'D

Plus, the arrival of my baby nephew, Lennon!! He has quite the ah-beng name(Full name)... Don't know what was my cousin thinking.... -__-

That's more or less about it. I still have 2 more hectic weeks to go before I fly to Europe. Can you believe this? I'm actually working until 3 hours before my flight.

Sometimes I really wish I can work from home. But I am just not smart enough for that, sigh.
When will my life ever get better...

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