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Dangdannnggg! I'm back with a really exciting news, hehe. I know I haven't been updating much, and the moment I update, I am talking about stuff that isn't even related to my life... But it is this time!!

About a month back, I received an email in the morning that flopped me off my bed. I have a habit of checking my emails, Facebook, Twitter and then Whatsapp and SMS when I first wake up. That's like the very first thing I do everyday unless I am late for work hahahahaha.

So I headed to the toilet, washed up, and read the email again. I swear I couldn't believe my eyes.

I will be participating in Marble Wonderland's Fashion showcase as one of their fashion models!

God, you have no idea how hysterical I turned. Words can never express how grateful I am for this golden opportunity. Firstly because I am really really short, and it's near impossible for me to even have a chance to walk the runway, as a fashion model.
Second, I have horrible fashion sense. My wardrobe is filled with T-shirts and shorts because I tend to find other type of clothing too expensive, thus ending up with just T-shirts and shorts.
Third, I don't even have a decent figure to be a fashion model?!
But the nice people from Asia Kawaii Way still gave me this once in a lifetime opportunity. I can never thank them enough,

I will be there at the AFA main stage tomorrow together with the rest of the models! The performance showcases fashion, music, dance, cosplay, anime, idol and many many more! They will also be featuring famous Japanese models,

Akiko Ishikawa
Hikari Shina
Mayu Koike
Misako Aoki
Natsumi Saito

Not forgetting performances from artistes:
Hachioji P

Man, even I'm excited hahaha. I went for the rehearsal yesterday and did a fitting for the outfit. It is probably the biggest breakthrough I've ever had in my entire life because as I've mentioned, I have really poor taste for fashion.. and I'm doing catwalk(omg). I totally foresee myself falling, but I will try my best to not do so, hahaha.

Show time will be:

16:00HRS ~ 17:00HRS

For more information, visit their site @ Marble Wonderland!
See you there!

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