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So after going on about how turned off I am by Pokemon X & Y, I couldn't help but downloaded Virtual Boy Advance and played Pokemon Yellow to ease my Pokemon addiction. I remembered how I got my first gameboy color because of Pokemon Yellow. My dad is a cool dad! I am probably one of the luckiest kid ever because my family owns a shop back when I was young, and the shop was really huge! We have a section of it specially for the coolest toys of that era: Tamiya and Nintendo.

So you can roughly tell how lucky I was because I get to meet all the crazy Tamiya gurus and learn motor/car modification from them, 8D - I guess that is also why I'm such a F1-obsessed, hahahahaha!
And back to Gameboys, my first interaction with a Gameboy was this one....


My cousin has it, and at that point of time I think I was only .... 5? We could only play tetris and Mario then, hahahaha! When I turned 6, my cool dad bought me my first ever Gameboy, the Gameboy color along with the release of Pokemon Yellow. My Gameboy color was atomic purple one okay! I still remember!

Now it's like generation don't know what already. After that I had Gameboy Advance, it's in purple too. I think my favorite color was purple. O_O

Then I just have to meet shitty classmates at the primary school I transferred into when I was 11. Some stupid loser of a human stole both my Gameboys when I brought them to school one day(On 2 different occasion. I am THAT suay since kid). Because I was going through a moving-all-over-the-place period, so I had to take a bus back home and the trip was pretty long. Rather than playing "Snake" on my Nokia 3315, I would always bring my daily entertainment out with me so I won't be so bored on the bus.

Perks of being a 90s kid, you get to experience the change of eras. Hehehehe.
So after it got stolen, I felt as if the kid in me got stolen as well la. Ever since then I didn't have any gadgets anymore. My life was left with only Tamiya, iPod and crazy rebellious days.

SO TO REVIVE THAT KID IN ME, I went to download VBA and Pokemon Yellow. GAHAHAHAHAHA.
I was sooooo excited I played until 8AM in the morning. And the reason why I stopped at 8AM and didn't continue was quite stupid...

My Pikachu FINALLY turned level 15, and I accidentally replaced it's Thundershock with Quick Attack.

Omfg, *facepalm* And I didn't even save the game before reaching level 15. Meaning I'll have to restart if I want my Thundershock back! HOW STUPID. So I got really irritated, I threw Pikachu to the Daycare, then I quit the game and headed to bed.

To my surprise, when I reopen the game just now, (no, the thundershock didn't come back) my loving Pikachu is still so happy to see me. Then when I brought him to fish, he even asked for more.... How sweet.... T_T

Dear Pikachu, I'm sorry I made you thunderless and useless, but you are still my best friend. *cries tears of joy*
But I stopped playing PokeYellow after that because it was really hard to level my Pikachu without his Thundershock. And I still have to wait a LONG way before he gets his Thunderbolt, *bang wall*

You know, even my Magikarp is more useful!?!?!?!

I'm moving on to Pokemon Crystal now because I absolutely cannot resist the breeding feature. IT'S TOO DAMN ADORABLEEEEEE, OHMYGODDDD.

Too cute la really. *dying*
It's gonna be a long long way since I just started Crystal, but it's okay! As long as I get my doze of cuteness 8D
Oh, I might reconsider getting 3DS XL... But tbh, I feel more comfortable playing games on 2D. 3D makes me dizzy and feels way too ... unrealistic.
I know how 3D is meant to make you feel realistic but a game is a game after all... Graphic games started out 2D............. So I thought it's rather weird to be feeling how real an RPG game is.... Okay, maybe it's just me.

Recently I feel so vexed about so many stuff I'm balding. Like really, really balding. Omg. It's time I look for hair doctor. What's the term for it?
Bah, heading to Naoki tomorrow for my usual hair treatmen. Hehehe.

Alright here comes the awkward ending... I always feel really awkward doing conclusions. So here's an awkward pose.


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  1. Hi, il a big fan of pokemon too, my first gba had. Pikachu on it and i also started with yellow! I know how you feel xd

    Try creepy black, seriously.
    Its a hack of pokemon red based on a creepypasta
    Yes im. Fan of creepypasta, idk if you know whats that, but my favorits story is about pokemon and they are full of means. There's a lot of hack like it, you just have to search on google.

    My gba emulator is on my cellphone, for my part. On android, de app is free and work pretty good, the saves work like gba ( save in the menu, menu : press start )

    Anyway, enjoy.


    The random boy on internet


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