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by - Saturday, October 19, 2013

I LOST 3KG!!!! AND GREW 1CM!!!!!!


I posted this photo on Facebook and had received quite a bit of hate comments because people were like asking me why the hell am I swimming with make up on. Just so you know, I checked in at a hotel the other day when I went for USS Halloween Horror Night so that I wouldn't have to go all the way home after a whole day out at USS. And I was checking the hotel's facilities out and then THERE'S A POOL(Obviously). Since I was already wearing swimsuit on the inside because I was totally prepared to get wet at USS, I decided to just take off my top and plop into the pool. I wasn't even swimming, neither did I dip my head into the water. I am not being bimbotic, or being ultra vain and insecure that I have to swim with make up on. SO STAPH.

As I was saying. Okay actually I have this belief that as long as you can't see your collar bones without having to squeeze it out, you are fat. And if you don't have a triangle in between your thighs when you put your legs together, you are fat. Or, if you see cellulites anywhere on your body, which is so fucking gross, YOU ARE FAT.

Stop telling me how skinny I am. If you had the chance to see me in bikini, you'll probably be like, "Omfg, is that a whale being washed up over there?!"


I shall mark today the happiest day of my life. Because I am FINALLY, FINALLY growing taller, and slimming down. My BMI is also finally, finally going back to average! I now believe that 21 is the age most of your baby fats decided to bid good bye! Off you go, oily bunch of fats.


By the way, have you heard about the recent hype over Nintendo 3DS XL and their latest released game!??!?! Hell yeah, you've guessed it. POKEMON X AND Y!!!
So Clintzy went to buy a Pokemon X or was it Y, I forgot... a couple of days after it's release.
I am no doubt tempted to get one for myself and that limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL IS TOO DAMN ADORABLE I CANNOT... until I went to google search about their latest release.

Okay lah, it's quite fancy and the monsters look adorable and all... BUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE?!?!?!?!
I can no longer see the Pokemon in these new Pokemons.... They feel more like Neopets to me now. And what's with being able to feed your Pokemons like some kind of tamagochi?! I've always thought Pokemon were cool!! Now they're just like a bunch of .... hybrid Neopets....

*UPDATE: I do know that those final forms are not the original. This was the clearest and nicest image I could find of the new release. The first stage are exactly what it is, and they really look like hybrid Neopets, no?!*

And these were what I played.

I'm so sorry, but dear new generation, you guys just robbed me of my childhood and I've just lost faith in you. I'm going back to the 2D days, where I play my Pokemon Yellow in black and white pixels on a console that has only 1 screen. T_T

And recently, I feel so stupid I have this urge to just kill myself and stop wasting resources. You see, I was brought up in a way where we have to follow the rules and system. And no short cuts no matter what, because my teacher always say, "There is no short cuts in life."
How wrong had she been..... I obviously wasn't a good kid that listens to advices. But everytime I don't listen, I get punished. And I got punished soooo much I actually feel fear of doing things the shorter way now. Talking about keeping up with the generation, why do I have to be included in the system that doesn't know how to improvise?!

So stupid, I don't even know what to say anymore. I could spend the whole day doing something and realizing only at the end that I should had just went the other way, it could save me so much more time and there's no harm taking risk. If the short cut doesn't work, you could always redo. That would still save a lot of time. ~_~

Why am I such a law abiding citizen... Hell no, not that genius that kills. Hahahaha. Go watch "Law Abiding Citizen" if you haven't!!

And I am really hooked up with blog-skinning these days. I have so many ideas for new skins I can't stop coding, hahahahaha. What made me more excited about the whole skinning process is that, I get to learn so much more new stuff every time I whip up a set of codes! It's so amazing. Typing out your dream design and watching it go LIVE on someone's site. And that sense of achievement when people say that they like your skin.... priceless. x)

It's quite insane. To be feeling accomplished over a set of alienated words. But thats the perks of being a web designer! You get to know the hidden site of the world, and not just everything on the surface! That's also partly why I took up HTML in the first place. I think I should go for official classes soon, hahaha.

Speaking of which, I have a big big surprise in progress. Not sure if it's gonna work out this time, but I honestly hope that it does! Share with you guys once it's ready. ^^

I'm gonna go order Domino's now. HEHEHEHEHE.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. those final evolutions of chespin, fennekin and froakie are fake, those are fan art. you can see the real ones here:


    i'm a fan of pokemon as well, I started playing when there were only generation 1 pokemon, though I can't really say that I don't like the new pokemons of today since I've been playing pokemon from generation 1 to 6. just sayin' though. deuces! :)


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