Photoshoot: Gardens by the Bay

by - Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm back, I'm back! I'm sorry it took me so long when it's only like less than 20ish pictures hahaha. Initially I was really excited to share with you guys the photos taken because they are no doubt super gorgeous! But it was only gorgeous until I reach the editing stage that I realised I actually have a lot of shots that cannot be used due to some zaogeng-here and there.. Clint and Darren actually thought it was fine but then I can't help but cringe at the amount of fats that's showing. *facepalm*

And I also realised most of the shots are repetitive. My poses and emotions looks all the same I honestly didn't like it, so I toss away most of the photos after editing them half way. :(
Time to watch ANTM.....

But the experience was good! I learnt a lot from this shoot and it was also a rather different style for me to attempt! I'm not someone that dresses up much because my wardrobe is filled with T-shirt and shorts(Because they are like the cheapest and are always on offer, LOL!) and nothing else... As much as I love dressing up, my heart still forbids me to splurge on clothing that exceeds 20bux, ._.

Okayokayokay. I'll stop the wall of text here, hahahaha.
Andddd..... There they are!
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29th September 2013
Gardens by the Bay
Photographer: Darren Ong

You can contact Darren on his Facebook if you're interested in doing a shoot with him!

Thank you for reading! ^3^

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  1. Hey, about ur other post on what u deem as skinny. I have to say my collar bones have always been obvious and the fact is I'm not as thin as you are (honestly) so having them does not equate to being skinny, it's probably just how your bones are. I do agree on other things u said though. :)


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