USS: Halloween Horror Night 3 Roadshow

by - Monday, October 14, 2013

It's the month of horror......

Which means.........


Whenever it's time for halloween I would get super excited because I loveeeeee all the cool costumes and make ups. It is a total fashion frenzy for the horrific realms that we don't usually interact with during the normal days in our lives. And speaking of which, how can you miss Singapore's biggest, wildest and most wicked Halloween event of the year at Universal Studios Singapore®?!

Oh my god, don't ever remind me of how I missed the past year's event. So disappointed with my "friends who actually agreed to go but all ended up going there on their own with their partners, pffts. Youuuuu sexualated horny bunch.

But it's okay. This year, I am really really really reeeeallllyyy extremely happy that Cathay Cineleisure is giving the CNOS2 peeps tickets to Universal Studios Singapore: Halloween Horror Night 3! *hops likeabunny*
I can't explain how excited I am for the trip hahahahahahaha. So the other day, I headed down to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard and experience the mini scare trail first to check the scare level.

And the moment I head in, I was welcomed by skulls. *wtf* It's actually pretty okay for me since I love gore and sadistic stuff, shit now you know my secret youmustdie. But I jumped because 5 seconds upon entering, the couple me behind screamed, and I got totally freaked out. I thought someone jumped on me or something,

But rest assured about people jumping out on you at the trail. Because there isn't any scare actors inside there, it's just a preview of what to expect at the real thing in USS!

Follow up was a bunch of really gore props to give you a really sick in mind visual image and flashing lights to scare the living hell out of you. Like that moment when you walk and happen to see a head hanging right in front of you. I was rather annoyed because I didn't have my specs on and I couldn't see anything at all, I almost tripped in flashing darkness.

When I thought all these was the worst, I just have to have a series of gruesome skinship with the house. Trust me, nothing beats a bunch of disgusting, soft, bloodied, slimy, rubber hands touching you. For once, I freaked out. Not because it was scary. But because they were rubber hands. And thoughts of having to walk pass all these is freaky as hell. I was pretty positive I tried exiting from the entrance but since I was already half-way through, I might as well go through it. LOL.
*Note: I was all alone and I have a couple screaming behind me, T_T * ....

I. Survived. I have no idea what kind of adrenaline rush I had on that day to be able to walk into the house on my own, omg. I believe I will never survive the hands if I had my brains functioning straight on that day..

But anyway, the roadshow is located at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Basement 1. It's right opposite BFF and Frolick, you can't miss it hahaha.

This year, USS is back with three times the horror with 3 different themes. There are 3 haunted houses, and 3 scare zones where you'd see all the scare actors roaming about the area.

Visit their website here, Halloween Horror Night 3 for more information!
I have this page on the whole time I was typing and the background music is freaking me out because it's like almost 4AM now and I am all alone in my room blogging about haunted stuff....

Reading the site itself makes me really excited. You need to have a walk in their trail at their roadshow. You have to see it to believe it!

Tickets are also available for purchase at the roadshow itself!

The event is already going on, so clock your calendars and don't miss it! Oh, they also have a couple of scare actors roaming around the mall too. Head on down to have a photo with them!

I hope you have a good scare, fellas.
*Cues evil laughter..... MuahahahahahhahhAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.*

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