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by - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello! After a whole bunch of crazy anime watching and gaming, i finally find myself some time to head down to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash to do my hair.
(You have to read on because I've recently got introduced to this really awesome hair treatment that made my hair jumped out of its grave.)
I've been such an otaku my hair is in a horrid mess... So horrible I can't even.....

I walked into the salon looking like that..... Feels like barb wires.... Not even joking. I could hear the squeaking sound when I pull a strand to feel it's texture. It's rough, coarse, frizzy, BAH. Like some kind of awful fur ball that my cat coughs out all the time. Furthermore, the environment in Singapore can really damage our hair. All the UV and sweat and blah.....

So I went to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash, to have my usual hair revival session. Hahahahaha, XD

That's my stylist, Kelvin, checking my hair condition out. He looks like he's totally speechless at the condition of my hair.... LOL. To be honest I am really too lazy to be taking care of my hair on my own lah. I used to be super duper anal about how my hair looks, and it used to be ultra soft.... Until I started school all over again, I kind of got too sick of spending so much time on my hair since they're gonna get dyed by all sorts of paints. You know how annoying it is to spend an hour in the bathroom just to get rid of all the paint in your hair?! So I just gave up with all the treatments, and just made do with shampoo and conditioner. :x

So Kelvin helped me do a damaged treatment, and the awesome treatment that I was saying, bubble spa! (I'm balding..... All the stress.... T_T)

Kelvin first helped me wash away any residue thats clogging up my hair folical. After that start with the o2 treatment!

The Gas Spring Treatment, or hair spa, I would call it, uses this machine that produces oxygen into the water, then they would massage your scalp with the water. It felt like a lot of bloopbloopbloop on my scalp when Kelvin help me wash, suuuuppppper comfortable!

And then your hair would go for a swim in that gas spring, to absorb the o2 and repair all the damage! If you had done all sorts of crazy dye-job, hair rebonding, perming or anything that made your hair crazy frizzy and damaged, you should really try out this treatment! But even if you didn't, you should also try out this treatment, because its too damn comfortable to not do it, XD

This Gas Spring Treatment helps moisturizes the hair, leaving it frizz-free, soft and smooth. It also helps protect and prevent scalp damage due to dye jobs, rebonding or perming! And promotes blood circulation, giving your hair all the shine and glow. Imagine those eyes of envy on you, *flips hair*

After blowing dry! Look at how smooth and shiny it is!!! I know the photo seems pixelated...... It's not doing me any justice, pfft. Lousy iPhone... But you can see the difference lah! Hahahaha

After that the Creative Director, Masa-san helped me trimmed and curled my hair!

Look at how healthy my hair looks now!
I had my fringe and hair ends trimmed because they were badly damaged from my previous bleaching job. It's been more than a year now, and I still haven't finish cutting all the bleached ends off, T_T

And so I walked out of the salon like a happy little girl, hahahahaha. Thank you so much Kelvin and Masa-san!

What are you waiting for ladies. Quick visit my magicians and be pampered by them!

177 River Valley Road #02-15/16
Liang Court, Singapore
Singapore 179030

TEL: 6333 5662

You should totally visit them. After doing your hair, you can even shop around Liang Court. It's like the best shopping mall ever existed in Singapore. Especially after opening Dunkin' Donuts there recently, HAHAHAHAHA. BEST.

Pop by on a Monday or Wednesday! You might actually catch me there! ^^ I hope you enjoy your services at Naoki Yoshihara by Ash!

Back to pokemon crystal.... MY ELEKID JUST HATCHED!!

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  1. Hi, Kelvin went back to Malaysia I heard, any idea where he's at now? I asked the people at Ash but they don't know :(


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