My sinful indulgence.

by - Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not sure if anyone of you know... I actually really love to cook. And recently, I've been cooking so much I believe my diet plan had long gone to waste.
Blame it on the social media. Everyone's posting nice food everyday!! It tempts me to cook my own every single time.

The last time I got so tempted by the Japanese Omu-rice video, I cooked omu-noodles hahahahaha! You can check out my instag-video below.

And then followed by self-customized ham and cheese wrap....

Ohemgee the oozing cheese when I bite it in.... Oh-la-la~~~

Then next, using the remaining wraps and ingredients I have, I made my own pizza. The crust isn't the thick bread base kind where you will become ultra full after savoring a whole pizza. Loving the crisp, I made used of my wraps and made vivizza! XD

It's ham and cheese again, but this time with Italian sauce, and it's baked until the too later if(honest typo) top layer of cheese has successfully melted onto the ingredients, x)

After that was my speciality: Aglio Olio!
It's been years since I last ate the aglio I cook because I haven't been home much. And all I eat is maggie, maggie and more maggie.

The crave kinda got really insane after I packed Aglio lunchbox for Clint the other day. I couldn't resist the taste and smell of it anymore, I cooked a whole huge bowl of it.....

Yes, ITS THE HAM AGAIN. Sorry lah, I have whole pack of ham that could last me for probably 3 weeks. So I add ham in whatever I could before it turns bad hahaha. Later expire already, must throw away. What a waste right? Ham and cheese is like the best thing ever ever existed ok.

Anything with ham and cheese can never go wrong, XD

I actually cooked bigger servings before. That's how I used to prepare dinner for Clint and I when my parents aren't home for dinner hahahahaha.

With my signature fried coin-dogs. Trust me, I totally swear by my coin-dogs. It's outer layer is crusty and juicy on the inside. I don't even know where did this hidden talent come from, 😱

I think I should get Natalie and Clinton to write reviews for my Aglio Olio soon, XD

About a couple of months before I made my omu-noodles, I baked Quiche!

Without the outer crust because I didnt have any flour at home, and I really just wanted to try how quiche tasted like. I actually took a sneak peek when my boss was preparing it the other time back at the cafe I worked in, and came home to try it out to see how it taste like. It turned out surprisingly good! Natie was the first to try it, and I felt so touched because she was full of praises, T_T

Did I mention I love to bake too?! I've always wanted to become a patteserie or barista! But I've dropped the idea because mom is always telling me how tough it is leading a life of an F &B boss

So I only make sweets for my family, hahaha.

Strawberry Daifuku! Wanted to try making one wrapped with Nutella filling, but it isn't Strawberry season so... Oh well.
I managed to bake these instead!

To satisfy my Nutella crave, gahahahaha! I've yet perfect my macarons! I think I'll spend some time figuring it out soon after I'm really free, x)

I made Dangos, Tangyuan, Tiramisu, Cheesecakes, Oreo Nuggets too! (Okay I think I have enough dish to open my own cafe now.... LOL JK.)
Anyway, I am just sharing because I am actually quite broke right now from cooking too much... I can't afford anymore ingredients to whip up nice food for maybe the next 2 weeks until my pay comes in.... T_T .... So I'm like ... reminiscing those times and taste before I head back to the maggie, maggie, and more maggie phase in the next couple of days. It's quite sad actually. I spend so much on food and now I have to worry about eating healthy and well. Logic?!

And this compilation shall be my motivation to work hard for more cash to come! That means more food for Vivisaur, hahahahahahaha to eat is bliss. I hope you are hungry now, img border="0" src="" />

I have thoughts for a Halloween look. Should I?

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