THOR: The Dark World

by - Monday, October 28, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm a total MARVEL fan. From Xmen, to The Avengers(?!), to Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D... God, how can anyone not be a fan?! Just a couple of month back, I attended a private MARVEL showcase (with thanks to STGCC 2013 for the tickets!) at VivoCity with Clint. And us being fans, were totally stoked. We were being shown some exclusive footage of the upcoming few MARVEL movies and episodes from TV series, and they even gave us their hit film of the year, THOR: The Dark World T-shirt!

The best part? Lucky us got to watch extended trailer of THOR: The Dark World!!!!!!!!

Like oh-my-gawd.... *Bimbo tone* Chris Hemsworth is too dang hawt. TOO DANG HAWT, I cannot.... Can I please be Natalie Portman for that moment where she kisses him in the movie? Hahahahahaha just kidding.

Anyway, here's the usual trailer you've been watching for the past 2 months while awaiting for the arrival of our dear thunder prince, *banja banja*

Hahahhahahaha the last part XD! I don't deny I watch this every time I see it appearing on my Facebook feeds or anywhere. And I would even spam replay some times because I honestly couldn't wait for the second film to be release after watching the extended trailer/teaser during their showcase. I'm sorry I couldn't share any of it with you because we weren't allow to release any form of information before the film is release! But trust me, the film is a die for.

Here's another short clip I've found on their YouTube! Do subscribe to receive updates on MARVEL's upcoming films!

This is the part where Thor would then go over and swing his Mjolnir into the giant's face like a boss.

"Anyone else?"

Remember at the end of the first film, Loki appeared in the post-credits? You thought he'll fall and disappear right?! Hell no, Loki is back! And this time, he's joining forces with Thor, hehehehe.

Damn exciting. I can't wait to see how Loki gets bullied by Jane Foster later on in the film hahahahaha.
Thor also went down to Earth to bring Jane Foster back with him to Asgard!

Awkward reunion but nhmmmm....... Hahahahahaha, you know what I mean. XD

Romance aside, aren't you interested in what's gonna go in the next installment?! Like, why is Thor recruiting Loki to help him, why does he need to save everyone, and omg Jane Foster got captured.
Not forgetting the gorgeous effects and humours they have in this upcoming film!

No idea how am I ever gonna wield this thing if I have get to own it, hahaha. But it's definitely gonna be my free transport around the world! I remember I read that the Mjolnir is able to track a person, so I'll probably track Lee Hongki or Nickhun and make it fly me to them, HAHAHAHA.
Fffffummmmm, dem' boys be like ohmy thunder thighs princess!

For more information on THOR: The Dark World, please do visit their Facebook page, and YouTube channel! 'LIKE' and subscribe for more LIVE updates! Be the first to watch Thor's featurettes and trailers!

Official Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Facebook
Official Marvel's Thor: The Dark World YouTube

Catch "Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World” in Singapore cinemas this 31 October 2013!


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