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by - Monday, September 09, 2013

Remember how I always complain about how horrible of a mess my hair is? All the frizz and crazy curls. Okay lah, the curls wasn't that bad, I just had crazy waves in my hair that makes my hair look like some really unconditioned mane.

This is like really bad lah. All the damaged hair and frizz. I still have a lot of damaged ends from the previous bleaching, heavy dye job and rebonding. Trust me, it's insane. It's almost impossible to picture me looking good without a hell lot of hair serum or straightening on my head. But thank god, I have Naoki Yoshihara by Ash here to the rescue.

Just the other day, I headed over to have my horrible frizz and damaged ends rid off. At the same time straighten out some unkempt curls because I was born with natural curls, :(

I reached there and got greeted by their really nice staff again, asking if I want to leave my stuff in the locker so that we don't have to worry about our bags when we have our hair washed at the washing area.

Here's me with some ultra frizzy hair. I tied up my fringe because it was in a real mess. Like at the stage where it isn't bangs and at the same time not a side fringe either. God, that's the stage I hate the most.

After settling down, my stylist, Ayu got started with all the washing, and yadah, and proceeded to treatment to protect my hair from any further damage that was caused from the previous bleaching and hair dye-ing. I am rather amazed by the treatment cream to be honest, hahaha. It felt so smoooothhh I couldn't stop touching my hair.

Did I forget to mention they serve drinks too? They also have a lot of japanese magazines there for you to read! And the waiting area is plain comfy. The sofa felt so good I could totally doze off there, hahahaha!

The whole treatment took about 3 hours. And with the stylists werking their magic on my head...... I has smooth, nais hair, with a side fringe now! Okay, maybe not exactly a side fringe. It still falls to the front once in a while because it was meant to be bangs ah.. Just that I have really really long bangs now hahaha!!

It didn't turned out as flat as I thought it would be, hahaha!! It saved me so much time from all the crazy styling I have to do every day before heading out. Now I can sleep extra 30 minutes, hehehe. This is how it looked after my first wash, which is 2 days after the treatment!


Can you see how smooth it is as compared to that bunch of damned mane I had?!!?! What sorcery is this, omg.
Anyway, Naoki Yoshihara by Ash is having an opening promotion right now. 30% off any service, all the way till 30th September!

Quick book your appointment before the promo ends!!

They are located at:

177 River Valley Road #02-15/16
Liang Court, Singapore
Singapore 179030

TEL: 6333 5662

Head down to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash @ Liang Court now!! And have pretty hair like me, hehehe.

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