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by - Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I received a couple of cosmetic lenses from Atlantic Optical @ The Grand Cathay! But due to my eye infection, I couldn't wear lens until recently, and thus dragged the advert for so long, :(

Not sure if you've heard of this. MISAKI lenses are from Korea, and it is quite popular among the ulzzang bunch that wants to achieve a bigger but natural eye look! This is my first time trying out MISAKI lenses, and I am really amazed by how comfortable it is! What made it even better is that, they look really really natural, so natural I honestly couldn't tell if I'm wearing it or not. Clint even ask if I'm wearing it, because he totally couldn't tell that the lenses are already in my eyes. XD

MISAKI Contact lens is also a licensed product under Singapore Health Science Authority for marketing in Singapore.

You can be assured that they are 100% safe for us!!

Circle &Emotion Series: Green.

Circle &Emotion Series: Blue

They have a lot more other colors too!

These are the Circle &Emotion Series!

And their 1 tone series which I really love, 1T Natural Color DALI.
It's so natural and comfortable it feels as if it isn't even there! What made it even better is that it looks nice even on photos! Gives your eyes that kind of natural bling, hehehe.

You can get MISAKI lenses from Atlantic Optical at The Grand Cathay! They are located near the back entrance(The one with 7-11)! Don't even have to order online, and wait for ages to get pretty eyes. Awesome right?!

Come, let's have pretty eyes together, XD
Thank you for reading!

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