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by - Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apologies for the lack of posting and whatnot. I've been sooooo busy earning money, I barely have time to do anything else! And I doubt you would want to know about my day at work anyway.. I would probably end up ranting because my job is horribly shitty. :(

And I can't quit my job because I believe shitheads are everywhere and it's not guaranteed that I get awesome supervisor if I switch. You see, people tend to start being arrogant and racist the moment they are higher than you, and of different race. Gah, reality.. Job is only awesome now because Natie's sister recently just joined the team. I would had left after this month if nobody else was there to go through these shits with me. And I kind of foresee myself getting sack if this blog post ever gets out, hahahahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, just a casual update about what's going on in my life right now.

I've been working, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot. I have like 3 ~ 4 odd jobs here and there. Most of them are events actually. Events are undoubtedly tiring. But the salary is good, and I get to meet awesome people. I guess that's what it means when people say "Birds of the same feather flocks together"? That idiom wasn't meant to be a compliment, but you get what I mean lah, hahahaha.

I was really surprised to find people of them same interests as me during event jobs. Unlike working at the store. It's almost impossible to communicate with my colleagues there. Not that I get left out or what sort, or maybe I DO get left out... Unless I approach them to start a casual conversation, they would always be crowding within a corner and going on with their conversation when I'm standing all alone greeting the customers. I thought it was me that was weird, but then I could make friends so easily at other places that I'm working for! So the problem doesn't lies with me..... right?
I get shit all the time even though I'm doing my job right. Sometimes I don't even know what did I do wrong to deserve all these scolding from the supervisor. Is communicating and teaching a new girl that just joined us wrong? I honestly believe she was picking on me because of god knows what reason. Now that makes this piece of statement I read from Facebook true.

But then again, I dont have any rights to complain. Because this is what happens all the time no matter where you go.

But thanks to all these experience I get working in retail, I've learned so much. How to be a better higher-up, and treating humans the right way. Someone may be just an employee, but you will never know when will that employee flare up and bring all of their experience and knowledge to another employer. Ultimately, if you want to have good employee that helps maintain the store in a good shape, and hitting sales target everyday, then learn how to be a good boss/supervisor. Or else don't blame anyone for bad sales. No one will be happy working for people who doesn't appreciate one's handwork and efforts.

Talking about jobs, I worked for an Etude House Pink Play Party yesterday, and got to see SHINee and Sulli!! God, Sulli is plain hawt and drop dead gorgeous! And my impression of SHINee changed after watching them during rehearsal. They are really a hardworking bunch! A pity Minho wasn't there last night, :(

But being able to see the rest without a bunch of fangirls blocking the view was good enough, XD



Look at the fans, @@" Actually I deliberately darken the photo, so you could see SHINee only, hahahaha. It's still blur la, I know. :(
And fan-boards are the most annoying thing ever in a concert! They were blocking my view to see Sulli the whole time!!! T_T Oh well, never mind....

A couple of photos with the rest!

The 4 of them are probably the most awesome colleagues I will ever have! They were so nice and fun to be around! The event would had been really boring if I didn't get to know them, hahaha. Maybe because they were all older, and not as childish and sour as those I people I meet at the store.

Sigh, now I dread work even more... And I'm gonna be working for the next 3 days! How am I to survive the horrible times to come?! T_T I hope I'll meet nice customers tomorrow, hahahaha.

Needa sleep, else I'm gonna be late tomorrow. Good night lovely ones!

Yep, I ended up ranting for a bit. Hahaha, couldn't help it.


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