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by - Monday, September 16, 2013

Heyyyyyyy-hooooooh! I received a whole bunch of good news within the past one week I was away. Mainly because I've finally quitted my part-time retail job and that I have more time for more things now!! It feels as if all of my complains and rants had finally been answered after all these while! Happy Vivi is happy,

I honestly do not understand how is an 8 ~ 10 hours a day job even part time anymore. So I've left the team, and moving on to grab hold of more opportunities that had been waiting ahead for quite a while now! You see, I was filled with sadness and regrets having to turn down so many better paying job opportunities and events just because I couldn't change or push away my shift at work. So last week, I told them I'll stop working after that week since I am messing up their roaster anyway.

I didn't get to work much last week either because there were other programs much more important for me to attend to than work, hahahaha. I need me some me-time too okay.

So last Monday, I met up with one of my girlfee, Jasmine and headed over to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash to do our hair! Had a change of colour and touched up my horrendous black roots, at the same time did some trimming. Kept my fringe because I'm still contemplating if I should go back to bangs again. You think?

That's Kelvin and the coloring director at the back helping us with our hair! :D

Before transforming my golden retriever streaks into warm brown beigh color!

Good bye to that ugly faded brown. Hello brown beige head! XD

And the final product of me and Jasmine's hair! Pardon my messy mane, hahaha. I was having too much fun making funny hair styles with the amount of hair spray I had on my head, and it turned out like that XD
We headed over to Vivo to hangout and did some window shopping after that!

Camwhore at the McD! Had a lot more photos but it's all in Jasmine's camera, hahahaha.
Moving on to Wednesday. I met up with my travel buddies, Terence and Michael for high tea and some minor discussion of some video we are in midst of filming. The initial plan was to snap a couple of photos and have have a mini photoshoot, but we ended up having curry and starbucks for our evening, hahahahaha.

We did snap a couple of photos though! The Starbucks at Buona Vista is dead gorgeous. I should really head there for a photoshoot someday.

Fooling around with Terence's unbelievably cheap and good fisheye lens for iPhone. Got him to order one for me. So I guess you'll probably see a lot of my blubb-face on my blog soon enough, xD

Chilling at Starbucks with my cuppa Signature Hot Choco!

Nhmmm... One of my favorite drink from Starbucks. With whip cream and extra cocoa powder, hehehe. If you haven't tried Starbucks, you haven't live.
We hung out until 7ish and then headed home because Michael had other plans! And I'm working the next day. Reached home and flopped for the night. It's been quite a while since I last hang out with my buddies like this. So I'm quite happy being able to meet them in between the busy and messy weeks I was leading. See why I'm so thankful to had given up the job? Money over matters, but then again, if it's money that isn't worth the time and effort, it's best let it go and stop wasting time.

Thursday was my last second day at the retail outlet. I left at 6PM to join Waiting and Regina at Carlton's for another event D&D job. It's amazing how I could rush out of the store at 6:10PM and still managed to get all dressed and make up done by 6:30PM. Though it was pretty rushed, but it's by far the best job I've ever had.

The job scope was pretty simple. Just helping out with the photo printing and stuff, and usher the guests for the dinner.

Fish-eye for myself, XD

Reason why I like event job so much is that, I get to meet different people and every single time, the event is different. Given my character, I am not someone that could stand doing the same thing every day. Like serving customers at the store, introducing same few pieces of clothing, steaming the clothes at fitting room and stone when there isn't customers. What made it worst is that, I still have to stand throughout the whole day at work. All these standing sure is taking it's toll on my back.

Unlike events, though it's tiring because I would also, have to stand most of the time. But the thing about this job is that, I meet different kind of colleague all the time. And they are all fun and hardworking people that would actually share your work load instead of throwing you their workload. Best part? You get to participate backstage.

A glass of red wine with courtesy from the bar tending team, ;)

Not really an alcohol person, so I was pretty red by the time I finish this glass, hahaha mad weak. Then I was offered 1/4 of diluted whiskey by a bunch of slightly-drunk colleagues, and I swear I could feel the world spin. Okay, maybe not that bad. But I ended up pretty much tipsy too, T_T"

Strike a tipsy pose?

Thank god most of us live in the west. We get to share a cab home. Or else I'd probably get wasted on the train or something, then get throw out of MRT at some unknown station T_T ...
See another perk of being part of the event crew? You get to meet people that are also living within the same area as you that you didn't know about the whole time you were living there!
Alright, I guess this post is pretty dang long enough, hahaha. I shall end with yet another tipsy pose, HAHAHA.

Drunk-Vivi? Close enough.


Thank you for reading! And so patiently waited for my update.
You people are such angels. Xx

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