Photoshoot: Vivo City

by - Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The long awaited post that's been overdue for a month. I'm so sorry for delaying this post, hahaha. I've been wayyyy too busy to edit all the photos and my comp crashed quite a few times before while I was editing a couple of videos. It made me dread turning on my MacBook and start working, :/

But anyway, this was the shoot I had last month at Vivo City with ma' girls, Jasmine, Natalie and Trixia, shot by Darren Ong! It was over all pretty good apart from the fact that it was crazy hot that day, and I was perspiring like some kind of spoilt water tap. Just a couple of photos because I was crazy sweaty and the three girls were the stars of the day! You can check out their photos on their blogs! Alright, here goes....

Vivo City
Photographer: Darren Ong
Natalie, Jasmine, Trixia. And... me, LOL.

And the ladies. ;)

The shots are good right?! I know it's good, hahahahahaha! Thank you so much Darren!! XD
Do visit his page here, and just leave him a message if you're interested in engaging a shoot with him! ^^


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