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by - Thursday, September 26, 2013

Its been 3 weeks since I colored my hair, and I haven't have any time at all to do any color or hair protection until last Wednesday. The frizz is horrendous and every single morning, I wake up to this unknown lion in the mirror. *facepalm*

To be honest, I find it really amazing how I can still be so busy even though I've quit my job. I have no idea where did all these activities came from.
But then again, I have no intention of rotting at home, and I'll probably feel really annoyed at the solitary moments I'll be facing, so it's better I have plans all over everyday, hahahahaha!

So I took the time to head down to Naoki Yoshihara and have my horrible mane fixed.

God, look at those frizz and damaged ends, T_T

Aside from the damage, I also have this trouble about color fading off really fast after dye jobs. So I chose a treatment that allows me to protect the hair colour, and at the same time protect my hair from any further damage!
Naoki Yoshihara by Ash has a wide range of hair treatment that deals directly with whatever kind of hair woes you have! From perm damages, to scalp care and what sort.

The service I chose is the LUMINOGENIC TREATMENT for COLORED HAIR.
It's a treatment that keeps your hair in a constant state of just-stepped-out-of-the-salon freshness. The products used will help control the light reflection and illuminating your hair with the endless lustrous shine! Like you know how the hair advertisement always show the models with their hair whipping shiny and all, hahahahahahhaha!

The treatment would also strengthen your hair's resistance to damage and daily exposure, keeping the frizz down and allowing your mane look like a bunch of golden silky lock.

No steaming or heat treating at all. They first helped me shampoo and condition with this particular series of hair color control products, then leave on the treating cream on my hair for about half an hour, after that blow dry and apply the after-care lotion!

To be honest, I was really surprised at how much of a difference it gave to my hair. I walked in with electric barbs all over my head, and walked out feeling like Rapunzel, LOL.

This is how my hair looks after the treatment! Super smooth and no signs of frizz at all. Even my baby hair got smoothen unknowingly, sticking out like some real baby hair. It was sooooooo smooth I cannot stop touching, hahahahaha.

Happygirlisme. My hair feels in total control of themselves without me having to do anything, hahahahahaha xD Now I wake up with a eased mind because I don't look like some untamed lion anymore! Best part? The treatment is super lasting. It's been a week and my hair is still too damn smooth it's kind of unbelievable.

Attaching yet another photo with my cuzzie because this was the latest photo I took hahaha! Haven't been camwhoring much because the new iOS7 kills my phone way too quickly for me to even have any battery left to camwhore, pffts.

Quick book your appointment with Naoki Yoshihara now because their 30% opening discount is gonna end real soon!
LIKE REAL SOON, this 30th September!

177 River Valley Road #02-15/16
Liang Court, Singapore
Singapore 179030

TEL: 6333 5662

Don't wait anymore, quick make yourself free this weekend and head down for a hair treatment, hair cut, hair colour or what sort! Let's have glowy hair together, and I hope you'll enjoy your trip there as much as I do!


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