High Society

by - Monday, September 30, 2013

Took a short break from work before getting busy with the TVB awards last Saturday. Ting suggested we go High Society for a cake before heading back to work since we have almost an hour of break time! I'm not too much a fan of cupcakes, but I have to admit. The cupcake I had that day, was plain awesome.

That's Vivian, my other half. HAHAHAHA. Both of us ordered cupcake, and to be true, I've come to realize we have quite a lot in common as well. I think that's probably how all the Vivians rock their name. Hahahahhahahaha!

Ting's chocolate cake! Didn't catch what is this called, but I really like the crust at the bottom!

Vivian's Maybe Amor!
Probably my new favourite dessert from now on. The chocolate topping is, nhmm.... The kind that makes you go "Nhmmm......." then you close your eyes, tilt your head a little and smile at that imaginary utopia that appears in your mind.
Okay, a bit exaggerated but you get what I mean. HAHAHA!

And my ultra beautiful Red Velvet.
The only thing off the menu that I'm familiar with. That's why I ordered, :x
Should had gotten Maybe Amor, cause there's raisins in the Red Velvet I ordered. Not saying it isn't delicious or anything! I'm just really bad with raisins and pastries all together. But then again, I'm quite amazed how their cupcakes isn't dry at all. I really dislike cupcakes because it's really dry, or else it's really oily and moist.
I like my cakes spongey and buttery, hehe. And chocolate would be a plus point, XD

Then it was back to work after enjoying some quality taitai time! Job scope was rather simple that day. Didn't get the chance to do backstage or what sort, but I saw Silver Ang in a really chio green dress, 8D

That's the green carpet where all the TVB stars walk on. I was being stationed on the other side of MBS doing registration with Vi and Ting, so we didn't get to watch the walk, :(
But job there was rather fun too. Just registering and passing tickets to the VIPs. The only bad thing was that, I look really weird that day because of my beige shoes that obviously didn't fit in too well with my attire.
*Makes a reminder to self to get a pair of black shoes soon*

A photo with Tinggy before work, hehe. Had really bad skin that day, T_T And it's still quite bad because of the abnormally huge pimple on my cheek and nose. A bad stomach gives you bad skin.
Now I deem this statement true: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

Need to cut on fast food from now on.

The time passed rather fast that day. I didn't realize we were that close to midnight charge by the time we ended work. It was really fun working with the girls, hahaha.
Alright, an over exposed selfie from Saturday to end the post.

Just so that you can't see that abnormally huge pimple on my nose, XD
See the difference from the previous shot?!
'Ve got to love over exposed shot some time... Hehehehehe.

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