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Its was a photoshoot Sunday, with Darren again, but at Gardens by the bay this time. It's my first time there, so it was rather fun! I get to explore the place at the same time snap pretty pictures, hahahaha. But the sun was insane. I became 2 tones darker after the shoot, -___-

Anyway, we took a break from the sun and had early dinner at Texas Chicken. The cam-whore in me couldn't resist the awfully good lightings at the restaurant and I ended up whipping out my phone and started snapping away, HAHAHA.

What made it even better, I recently updated my iOS to iOS7, and there's this default camera filter thing. And one of them is called "Chrome", it's like the best filter ever existed, oh my god. It made my skin look sooooo smooth, and kind of sharpen the photo by default, expelling all the pixels! It's the best lah, really. At least for now, hahahahaha.

/Random fact: How to tell if you're a camwhore.

1. You like to take multiple pictures of yourself.
2. You can't stop taking pictures of yourself.
3. You simply refuse to take picture of anything else apart from yourself.
4. You have the same expression throughout all the photos.
5. You actually think you are drop-dead gorgeous in all the photos you took, it's impossible to delete any of them.
6. 90% of your photo gallery is your face.
7. You take picture of your reflection.
8. You are constantly taking pictures of yourself, regardless where, what, and when.
9. You spend a good portion of your day just taking pictures of yourself.
10. You have an album full of your face on Facebook.

LOL. I personally don't deny that I actually fulfil about 7 out of 10 of what I listed above,

I am quite a camwhore, and I check myself out every single time I see anything that's reflective. I guess I am just too conscious about how I look hahahahahaha.
Oh, and earlier that day, I went to collect my new spectacleeeessss!! Ohmygod, I can never explain how happy I am upon collecting it. I've been wearing my previous ugly box-framed spectacles for like 6 years and I finally dropped it at Terence's place the other day when I did my recording, so I decided that I should just go make a new one since it was essential.
And you know what!! It's my first ever branded good in my entire 21 years of life that's bought with the money I earned on my own! Omg the sense of achievement.... I am undoubtedly useless for 20 years.
I bought a collector's edition Rayban hehehehehe. It's still a box-framed spectacles though.

It was love at first sight. I fell in love the moment I saw it resting in the cabinet, staring back at me. I knew this babe wanted me too dang badly, and I know I needed her before I even met her. So the optician, without much effort, managed to psycho me into paying for it within 10 minutes. *facepalm* I'm so easy to cheat.

Oh, and my outfit for the shoot?
I curled my hair!!

I know I look ultra fair here. SEE! I told you the filter was good!!!!!!
I was trying to look like a jipoonlang, not sure if I pass with my make up, BUT MY HAIR DEFINITELY DOES! Did I mention how much I love my current hair colour?! I have to swear Naoki Yoshihara by Ash makes me look like a Japanese without me having to try too hard to look like one. I know this contradicts my previous statement, but I get a lot of people asking if I'm Japanese ever since my hair-make at Naoki Yoshihara earlier this August! XD

Like their page here if you haven't.
You can also check out their super gorgeous hair make models on their page!

I am waiting for Darren to pass me the photos, so that I could share it in another post. I also have a couple of behind the scene shots that are extremely funny. I'll probably share that one in yet another separate post after I finish editing them. Just got those photos from Clint last night, I think the post will be up later this week since I am rather free these few days! Weeeee!

Heading over to Naoki.Y tomorrow for scalp treatment. I hope my hair thinning problem will cease soon, 8'(
Update again soon.
Thank you for reading!

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