That wedding dress.

by - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A super overdue post because I didn't have time to photoshop my pictures. But since I am having my holidays now, thought I should consolidate and edit a couple of photos from my past photoshoots and post it up here! That's what photoshoot is about right? Why take pictures if you don't want to show it to the world? XD

Theme for this shoot is that wedding dress.

No, I'm not married.

I know most of you thought I was engaged because of this couple of photos I uploaded on Facebook, hahaha I'm so sorry. This shoot was done back in June 2011, see how overdue this post is? I've been wanting to share the photos with all of you, but as you know, I've stopped blogging after some stuff happened back in 2011. And I was really really busy trying to cope with school and all the shit that life had been thrashing me with (and I am still dealing with the same old shit).

But now that I have soooo much time on hand.. Apart from all the TW/K/J dramas that I've been chasing and drooling over Lee Hongki and Lee Hyunwoo, I've decided to be more active in blogging. But of course, that's only after my official holiday starts in about 2 weeks time!

I have to confess that all of the pictures here had been heavily photoshopped because I was really really fat back then. And I look super duper chubby in most of the pictures. Trust me, I am not even lying. I happened to see this photo tagging thing on my iPhoto album, and then they placed this thumbnail of my face from this wedding photoshoot right next to one really recent photo of me, and I was like, "Who the fuck is that, so fat omgzxc!" I print screened that image so as to remind myself not to gorge on food anymore or else I'll become that chubby fat pig again, OTL.
And no! I'm not gonna show the print screen here. Maybe next time. Stay anticipated, hahahaha!

Don't really have much, but enjoy!

Wedding Dress

Photographer: Phoa Kim Meng

Sponsored by:

Looking back at all these picture makes me miss wearing a wedding dress. I'll probably design a black one for my wedding, hehehehehe!

Update again soon!

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